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Mother’s Day Cookout

Once or twice a year, my family gets together at Claremore Lake for a cookout.    Mother’s Day has been one of our regular cookout dates for the last few years.     All together, we had 5 moms present at the cookout;  … Continue reading

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First Game of the Season

OK… Last night was a big night.    It was the first official game of the 2013 softball season.    Cristin came to the mound the second half of the game and really showed her stuff.   We were behind by several runs … Continue reading

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Softball Practice

I love softball with a passion.    I played for years when I was younger and more athletic.   Softball is hands down my favorite sport.   The only thing better than playing softball is watching Cristin play and enjoy the game.   This … Continue reading

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Claremore Knockouts

My daughter’s softball team had an amazing season.   They finished 2nd place in their age group.    I took the photo below after they got their season trophies. We are playing in a tournament this weekend.   We have won all our … Continue reading

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Family, Friends, and Fun

I don’t know much about anything, but I do know this…. there is nothing more important than the people in our lives.  Nothing…notta.     Not the car we drive, or the house we live in, or bank accounts, or things we … Continue reading

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I’m about to rush out the door for my daughter’s softball game.    I can hardly wait to be outside in the spring sunshine and watch my girl play softball. Softball is my favorite sport. It is sunny and 70 degrees in … Continue reading

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Grand Slam

Ok people….can you just let me beam with pride for a moment.    You will not believe what my daughter did this evening!!!!  Tonight was her first softball game of the season.   On her first bat, she hit a double and … Continue reading

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Bows and Burgers

Somebody please sign me up for some couch potato time.     I was so tired last night, it was like I was welded to the couch.   I. Could. Not. Move.    Standing in the wind and cold for 10 hours will wear … Continue reading

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