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My New Flooring

A couple weeks ago, while in my living room,  I looked down at my ugly carpet…..and I decided I couldn’t stand my carpet any longer.    Before I go any further with this post, I feel  I need to explain why … Continue reading

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Family Update

I’ve neglected my blog lately for various reasons, but the main reason has been personal and business taxes.   I’m happy to report that my taxes are done.    Now… don’t read over that too quickly.   Did you catch what I said?  … Continue reading

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Most people think the term “Mayday” originated from ships on the ocean who were in distress.   I believe this to be false.   I think the term began when new small business owners realized what was involved in doing their first … Continue reading

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Christmas Highlights

After a month of anticipation, Christmas is now behind us.   While I’m glad it’s over, I feel a bit sad.   I’m going to show you some of my highlights of the day.    It’s tradition for Grandma to come Christmas … Continue reading

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Working Woman

The dreaded day is finally here.   I’m working.   Can you believe it?  Me….at work.    I’m sitting at my desk at 9:30 in the morning typing on my computer just like the rest of the world.    But, I ask you… is … Continue reading

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Weiner Dog Races

A gardening club in my town had a fundraising event today.    They scheduled a full day of activities for the community.     However, the only event I showed up for was the wiener dog races.   Let me tell ya….I love weenie … Continue reading

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Fall 2013

Happy Sunday to you, I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking.      I haven’t posted in a while,  so I want to do a  quick update.    Much of my time is being spent … Continue reading

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