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Garlic Cheese Biscuits

I have eaten at Red Lobster only a handful of times.      Each time I’ve been, I feel like their garlic cheese biscuits were the highlight of the meal.   Holy moly, they are good.    Well folks, I have found an EXACT … Continue reading

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Wacky Cake

When my kids were little, my mother-in-law would prepare this cake anytime she knew my kids were coming over.   It is super easy and very moist.    This is my kid’s favorite cake.  My mother-in-law described this cake as “the cake … Continue reading

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The Haven and the Homebodies

So, I have much to tell you today.   You know how there are certain types of people who don’t like to spend much time at home?     Those kind of people get up on Saturday mornings and immediately venture out into … Continue reading

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What’s Missing?

Picture in your mind a bowl of old-fashioned whole grain oatmeal topped with 1/4 cup chopped pecans and small pat of butter.    That was my breakfast.      Above,  is a picture of my lunch. I mixed  chopped romaine, broccoli, kidney beans, … Continue reading

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Bourbon Deer Steak

I’m always looking for new ways to cook our fall abundance of fresh deer meat.     My deer cooking experiment this evening was a big hit.      My family loved it!!!! I purchased this McCormick spice pack at Wal-Mart.   I don’t eat … Continue reading

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What I Buy

Ok…. I want you to know that I’m feeling a little corny about doing a post about my grocery purchases.     I’ve seen several of these post lately.   In fact, Pioneer Woman just did one of these.   As I was reading … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Enchiladas

Before I get on with the story about the two enchiladas, I have a few family updates.    My son is remodeling the other bathroom.   He did a great job on the first bathroom so he has bathroom number 2 torn … Continue reading

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First Day of Our Homeschooling Year

Today was the first day of  our school year.     Overall, it went quite well.    Cristin probably would not admit it, but I think she was excited about getting started.   She is maturing and becoming much easier to teach.   After a … Continue reading

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All Kinds of Random

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting on my couch enjoy the “sounds of silence”.     Three people in my family (the noisy ones) are still sleeping and the other is out running errands for me.    I don’t have a lot going … Continue reading

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Cheddar Zucchini Puff

Zucchini is one of my favorite garden vegetables since I found this recipe.   When I have a fresh squash in my possession, this is what I want to make.   Special thanks to my sister for the fresh zucchini.     I’m … Continue reading

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