Garlic Cheese Biscuits

I have eaten at Red Lobster only a handful of times.      Each time I’ve been, I feel like their garlic cheese biscuits were the highlight of the meal.   Holy moly, they are good.    Well folks, I have found an EXACT dupe for their biscuits.   I promise they are every bit as good as Red Lobster’s.

They are so easy to make.   You can whip these up in a couple minutes.  

It doesn’t matter if I make 14 biscuits or 40, my family eats them all.  

I found this recipe in my “Fast Fixes with Mixes” cookbook by Taste of Home.  



You put the first four ingredients in a bowl and mix.   I always use extra garlic.   Smile 


Drop biscuits  by spoonfuls on a greased baking sheet and put them in your pre-heated oven.  


*Kitchen tip – I always line my baking pans with these foil sheets from Sam’s Club.  The non-stick spray I use can bake onto the pans and be quite difficult to remove.   This way, I throw the sheet away after baking and…VOILA my pan is still clean.  



The last two ingredients on the list are garlic powder and butter.   I like to use granulated garlic.   I think you get a better flavor punch with granulated garlic.  


Melt the butter and add the garlic.     Drizzle this mixture over the hot-from-the-oven biscuits. 



I served the biscuits with cheesy potato soup.  

They are the perfect compliment to a steamy bowl of soup or stew.  

Make sure you write this recipe down, because I promise…you will need it over and over.   Smile

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Working Woman

The dreaded day is finally here.   I’m working.   Can you believe it?  Me….at work.    I’m sitting at my desk at 9:30 in the morning typing on my computer just like the rest of the world.   

But, I ask you… is this REALLY work?  

You will need a bit of history before you help me decide.

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that my hubby and I have started our own business.      However,   a brand new small business doesn’t exactly take off like a flock of wild geese.   It takes time to build…especially this kind of business.     Machine shop customers  need to establish trust in your abilities.    As a customer, you have to know that your machine shop knows what the heck they are doing.  

And all of that IS happening.   Business is growing.   My hubby is very good at what he does.  

But, until the geese take off and are flying high,  my hub is still working his day job.  

Our oldest son has been  running the shop during the day.   He has sacrificed a lot to help us this first month and a half.   Let me tell you…he is a great kid.   Today, he is back to work full time at his regular job.    I’m excited for him.   His employer gave him a substantial pay increase. 

So…where does that leave me?   At the shop.   Working.  

And by working…I mean…..

I’m typing this blog post…

Cristin is working on American History…

I’m paying end of the month bills…

And texting a friend about music…

Our machine shop customers DO NOT want me out there messing up their stuff.   Smile  

I haven’t been looking forward to this day.   I have “stuff” that do at home.   Laundry must get done.   Our dogs need to be pampered.   Evening meal preparations are a necessity. 

And then I realized…

I’m doing what I want, at a desk, inside a building with our family logo on the front.    My life couldn’t be more perfect and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  



Yep, other than a  teenage daughter who refused to let me take a good picture….life is good.   

Cristin just asked me who said “Give me liberty or give me death”.   She was shocked that I knew the answer (Patrick Henry).      I love history about our American Patriots and I never take my liberties for granted. 

*One other order of business….I have many things that I want to share on my blog, but when I think about sitting down and doing a lengthy blog, I put it off.   So, my future post will be a bit shorter but more frequent.      That way I can sit down in an hour or so…say what I want to say and move on to something else.   

And that is all….I’ve gotta get back to “work”.   Smile

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Weiner Dog Races

A gardening club in my town had a fundraising event today.    They scheduled a full day of activities for the community.     However, the only event I showed up for was the wiener dog races.  

Let me tell ya….I love weenie dogs.   Smile  I think they are the epitome of cuteness, especially the little dapple colored ones.  

If I had known the races were held in a fenced area, I would’ve let Purdy Weiner race.   



This is the first group of weenies we saw.  


The announcer said the dappled weenie’s name is “Vito”.  


Vito and his “friend” launched out the game like pros.   But, about halfway down the track, they both stopped suddenly so they could sniff each other.  


They sized each other up…..and well… since, they are wiener dogs, it didn’t take long.  





While Vito and friend were busy snuffling each other, this cute little peach  was waddling toward the finish line.    And I do mean waddling.    Finally, Vito got his act together and won the race.  


This is my weenie neighbor Cocoa.   Her mamma is also my neighbor.   This is the neighbor that gave us Purdy Weiner.  


This is the next group.    These weenies didn’t mess around.   There wasn’t one sniffer in the group.    I was at the finish line taking pictures.   When the race was about to start, the owners at the finish line starting squeaking  toys.     Nothing will create a crazed,  thundering herd of wieners  like a good squeaky toy.   

At this point,  I was overwhelmed by weenie cuteness. 


And they’re off!!!!


Oh yeah….here they come. 



I think the little black and tan won this race.  


Here is another picture of Cocoa (my neighbor).


And finally…..Purdy Wiener.   She will be racing next year. 


This afternoon, Purdy Weiner was running through the house, I said to Clay…”Look how fast she is, she needs to race”.   Clay said “She won’t want to  race, she will be one of the sniffers.”

We will see about that next year.  

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Fall 2013

Happy Sunday to you,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking.   Smile  

I haven’t posted in a while,  so I want to do a  quick update. 



Much of my time is being spent taking care of our new business.    Taking care of bills, purchasing, and other odds and ends takes time.   Sometimes it feels like I have a full time job.   But, let me tell you…I’m having a blast.   It feels more worth my while to be taking care of OUR business.    It’s a different  sense of accomplishment when taking care of our business instead of someone else’s business.  Does that make sense?   It’s nice to have a something like this with family.        

How’s the business going?      Well, money is being made, but not enough for Michael to quite his job.   Hopefully, Michael will only have to work another month or so.     Clay is there during the day.   Without his help, I don’t know what we would do.   He’s a pretty good kid. 



Chance got a new truck.   It’s a big truck that uses a lot of gas, but as I type this post, he is filling the bed of the truck with wood he cut.   He made a good amount of money last year selling wood.   He plans to do the same thing this winter.    He can haul a rick and a half of wood in the bed of that truck. 



Cristin and Katie have been playing soccer together.   I’m a big fan of softball, but I’m starting to get into this soccer thing.   They had a game in Collinsville yesterday.   It was such a good game.   They won by 1 point.   I just about gave myself a hernia, and I was just sitting on the sidelines.   I could easily be one of those parents that makes a fool of themselves by yelling and fit-throwing.   But, I refrained…. like a good girl should.   Well kinda sorta.     Let’s move on…


Zach got a new jeep.   It’s totally kick-butt awesome.  


One evening a couple weeks ago, all 5 of us had the opportunity to go out and eat together.   That doesn’t happen very often.  


And now I must tell you about my critters. 

This is Punkin.   She is without a doubt the best dog on the planet.    For years, I’ve never wanted to have any dog except her.    She was our only dog for 11 years.    Purdy5


And then our neighbor brought over a tiny weenie puppy that needed a home.   That was over a year ago.   Purdy Weiner has been such a nice addition to the family.    She has the cutest personality.   I’m telling you, everyone should have a weenie dog.    We are even considering getting another one in December.    I’m quite sure we don’t need 3 dogs, but  I’m starting to think a family can’t have too many wiener dogs.



This is our 19 year old kitty taking a cat nap on my bed.  


Chance is happy because it’s finally hunting season.    




I just cooked up a big batch of fresh deer steak.   The first deer cooked of the season taste the best.  


In other news….

My 85 year old grandma is doing amazingly well after having her rotten gall bladder removed back in May.    I had no idea  her gall bladder was the cause of so many of her health troubles.    I took her to the eye doctor last week.   We were in a room that  had a world map covering one whole wall.  (You can see part of it in the picture)   She pointed out places she has traveled and  told me traveling stories.    I told her I knew someone who lives in Australia and pointed out where that person lives.    She was amazed that I knew someone who lives outside the US.   She asked many questions about my Australian friend.    Grandma is back to being her old self.    I hate it that she was so sick with her gall bladder for so long before the problem got taken care of.     


I took this picture of my oldest and youngest last week.   I love this picture and I just wanted you to see it.   Smile


At the moment, my hubby works full time during the day.   Then he works 4-8 hours at the shop in the evenings.   One evening he was there till midnight getting work done.   These pics were taken at 10:30pm.   Clay even helped after he got off work at 9:00.        


I have a thing for flowers.   I believe flowers are gifts straight from God.   There are so many varieties of colors and shapes.    The next time you see flowers blooming, stop, look, and remember this post.   I’m telling you, flowers are not just flowers.   They are little pieces of Heaven on Earth.  



It might be odd to add this, but during the last month, I’ve been on the search for the perfect taupe  eye shadow.   I’m happy to report that I’ve narrowed my findings down to 3 finalist.  

These are not in any particular order.   Top of picture) Yukon by Cargo.   This shadow doesn’t have the best pigmentation, but the color is my perfect shade of taupe.   Middle) Lasting Taupe by Neutrogena.   I’m always looking for shadow with staying power.   This is the best I’ve found.   It doesn’t budge.    3) Nutty by Wet N Wild.    My favorite way to wear taupe is the Neutrogena color underneath the Nutty by Wet N Wild.  


At last but not least…I’m loving the new season of Survivor.   I was so happy to see Brad voted out last week.   He was way over playing his game.   I predict  Laura (Rupert’s wife), Aras, and the other Laura to  go far in this game.  

And lastly…I have a couple quotes for you.

“A family is a place where principles are hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living”  Charles Swindoll.

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life” Richard Bach.

And that’s all for now…

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Tag Questions


I got this idea from one of the YouTube girls I watch.   She had fun with it…so I plan to do the same. 

Basically, “Tag” means random useless questions.   But…they’re fun.    Smile

Okay….here we go.

1.   Do you collect anything?   Yes.   Books, makeup, and office supplies.  

2.  Who was your last text message from?   D. Culp

3.  Do you need to do laundry?    There is always something that needs to be washed in this house.   I live with a teenage boy.  

4.  What is the last sporting event you watched?   My daughter’s soccer game yesterday.

5.  What is your dream vacation?     A drive through the Rocky Mountains on our way to Alaska.  

6.  Do you miss anyone right now?   Yes.  

7.  What is your favorite animal?    I like dogs, frogs, turtles, and horses.  

8.   Who’s house were you in last besides your own?   If I can’t count my neighbor’s garage, then it was my mom’s.  

9.  What was the last thing you had to drink?    Ice water from Sonic.   I love their ice. 

10.  What was the last food you ate?   A sub with a few Fritos.

11.  Where were you 3 hours ago?   Reasor’s.

12.   Name 3 things within 3 feet of you.   Punkin,  Weenie,  and my IPhone.

13.    What are you wearing right now?   A black cotton shirt with sparkles around the collar and denim shorts. 

14.  When is the last time you drove out of town?   Yesterday.  I went to Grove, OK for a soccer game. 

15.  What is the last movie you saw?   I watched a small portion of World War Z.   It was terrible…except for the  Brad Pitt parts.   Smile

16.  Do you like sushi?    What I think is sushi is actually called “California roll”.    I don’t know if that is different than sushi or if it IS sushi.   But, to answer the question…I love it. 

17.  What time did you wake up this morning?    Well, I would be embarrassed to answer that question.   Hey…it’s Sunday.  

18.  What is the first concert you ever went to?   Casting Crowns.     My last concert was Luke Bryan.   We went last Saturday.   He rocked.

19.   Can you swim well?   Like a fish.

20.  Have you ever cried because you were so happy?    Oh yeah.   Many times.

21.   What do you dip a Chicken Nugget in?    Duh….Ranch Dressing.

22.   Have you ever peed in the woods?    I am a country girl.   More times than I could count.  

23.   Are you afraid of heights?   Petrified.

24.  Can you change the oil in your car?    Technically yes, but I’ve never had to do it because my hubby is good to me. 

25.  Do you sing in the car?    Oh my gosh….   I pretend I’m Steven Tyler.

26.   Do you sleep with the sheets tucked in or out?   Out

27.   Have you ever broken a bone?   Yes, a rib.   I fell out of a deer stand when I was about 20.    Broken ribs are excruciating.

28.   What was your first job?   I volunteered as a candy-striper when I was 15.   My first paying job was at a burger joint in a  small town near here.   That’s where I met my hubby. 

29.  Do you sleep with the closet doors open or closed?   Closed.   What a dumb question.

30.   Do you like to use Post-It notes?    Please see answer to question #1.   I even have the cute little dispensers.   My addiction to office supplies is bad. 

31.  Do you have freckles?    I do.    I also have an cluster of small freckles on my upper right leg.   They are in a quarter size group.   They are small and not very noticeable.   I had a lot of freckles when I was a kid.  I think because I was always in the sun.

32.  What is your biggest pet peeve?   Eating and drinking sounds. 

33.  What is your favorite song of the week?  “ That’s My Kind of Night” by Luke Bryan.  

34.   Do you think musicals are cheesy?   Yes, except for “The Sound of Music”. 

35.  Do you ever experience Deja-vu?   Yes, yesterday in fact. 

36.  If married, how long have you been married?   Almost 24 years.

37.   Are you patient?    I don’t have one ounce of patience.   This is NOT something I’m proud of.    Ordering stuff from the internet drives me crazy.    I want to click to buy and the item magically appear on my porch.  

38.  Cheetos or Fritos?   Cheetos for sure.

39.   If you could meet anyone on Earth, who would it be?   That’s easy….Glenn Beck.

40.   What three things do you think about most?    Safety and whereabouts of my husband and kids, what to cook, and dieting/health/nutrition.

41.  When is the last time you played the air guitar?   Yesterday on the way back from Grove. 

42.  What is your religion?   That’s a complicated question.   Definitely non-denominational, but I have very defined beliefs. 

43.   If you could only have one of these, which would it be?  Trust or Love?   It’s difficult to have one without the other, but it would be Love for sure.     I Corinthians 13:13 comes to mind.  

44. Who is the funniest person you know?  Tater.

45.  What is your least favorite word?   Freaking

46.  What is a phrase that you use often when speaking?   “Let me tell you”

47.   Are you the kind of friend you would like to be friends with?   Yes, but I need to work on listening more and talking less.

48.   What is your favorite feature of the opposite sex?   Yikes…awkward.   Broad shoulders.

49.   Do you believe in angels?    Yes.   My complete answer to this question would be lengthy.   The Bible references angels over 300 times.   My favorite passages are the angels that appeared to Abraham. 

50.   Do you love or hate roller-coasters?   Hate

51.  If you could learn something new, what would it be?    I want to know everything about Photography.

52.  Are you and introvert or an extrovert?    That’s easy…introvert.

53.  Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous?   Yes, I can track my family history back to Benjamin Franklin.

54.  What would someone say is annoying about you?   I sometimes interrupt when others are talking.    See answer to question 47.

55. What is your favorite food?   Olive Garden breadsticks dipped in their Alfredo.

56.   How does a person win your heart as a friend?   Listen

57.   Spender or saver?   Spender

58.  What was the last thing to make you feel happy?   My daughter offered my a bite of her sandwich without my asking.

59.   If you had a warning label, what would it be?   I have 2.   “Allow 15 minutes per phone call”   and   “Never play 80’s music in her presence”

60.   What was your favorite questions?   49, 47, 22, 12

I love these kinds of posts.   That’s all I have for now.    I might do another one of these in the future.  

Happy Weekend to Ya

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Rudolph’s Performance Machine

A few short  weeks ago, starting our own business was  something we always just talked about.    Now, after much work and dollars spent, we will be opening for business in the morning.    We put the signs up today.   

Michael will be working at his regular job during the day until we start making some $$$$$.   Clay will be at the shop during the day to take in work.    Michael will do machine work in the evenings.        Hopefully, he will only have to work two jobs a few more weeks before he can be at the shop full time.  



A brother-in-law with a tractor is a necessity of life.    This is how Okie’s install a sign. 


Does this look safe to you?




This sign has a duplicate on the other side of the pole.  



He’s wearing his “Rudolph’s Performance Machine” t-shirt.  


Michael is putting up the sign on the other side.  


Just in case you’re not clear on how close the train passes by our building….you can see the sign Michael just installed in the upper left corner of this picture.  Smile


Here is a shot from inside the building.   The machine on the left is a mill.   The shorter machine on the right is a lathe.   He’s been working with them already.   Notice the metal shavings on the floor and the tooling on the work bench. 


Our machine shop is powered by Orange Crush.   Smile


Here are the machines needed for automotive machining.  


Michael has his grinding stones organized the way he wants them. 


Now he’s on a ladder in the back of Clay’s truck.   I’m positive this is NOT safe. 


This is the table where customer paperwork will happen.  




Two cool dudes. 


Clay is showing Mom videos from the Luke Bryan concert last night. 


How does it look?


Michael’s mom came to the shop for the first time today.   He is showing her how the machines work.


Michael can’t talk if his hands aren’t moving.   Smile


Michael’s friend from work stopped by today.   Michael is  talking shop with everyone in the picture. 


Today was a big day.     I took pictures.    Smile



Michael with his Mom and Dad. 


Michael’s parents brought sparkling grape juice.    We had a toast to the new business.  


I can’t give enough thanks  to my brother-in-laws, Morgan and Kris for their help.    They have helped move equipment and do sign work.     Please know that Michael and I don’t take your help for granted.     

And that is all for now.     I will update on our business in the future.  

Happy Weekend to Ya

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Man or Boy

Whenever I do or say something that proves I’m something  less than a genius,  I usually ignore or downplay my blunder  and hope no one noticed.    And I  don’t normally share my shortcomings with the world on my blog.  

However, today, I’m going to share.   OK?    

Let me set the stage…

I’ve been really busy the last few weeks getting everything set up for our new business.    I’ve had literally hundreds of phone calls with the insurance companies, the bank, the sign guy, and so on….

Because I am a woman, I’m usually processing about 40 different thoughts at any given moment.   Especially here lately.  

So, it’s safe to say than I’ve been sort of “distracted”.     You know what I’m saying?   Ok….good. 

Moving on…

Clay was at the shop today doing some painting and other odds and ends.    I stopped by before running my errands.   He was painting tables outside the front doors and was busy so I didn’t stay long.    Cristin was with me and we were going to a clothing store nearby.     She needed something new to wear to the Luke Bryan concert on Saturday.   Woot Woot!!!    That’s a post  you can expect after Saturday.    Smile

So, I’m sitting in the car outside the clothing store.   I was doing some multi-tasking and cleaning out my purse.    

My phone rang.

A man introduced himself.   I don’t remember his name.    He said he represented our new insurance company and that he was in town to get a picture of our facility.   I knew this was not unusual so I said “ok”.

He told me that he was already on our street.   

(Our street is short.   It has 4 businesses total, including ours.)

He asked me which building it was.   I told him that it was the second building on the right.   He told me he saw a building that looked like ours.   He said “I see a man going in and out”. 

Hmmm.   How could this guy miss our building? 

I thought…”Ok, I’m going to have to give this guy very clear directions”.  

I gave him directions that any moron could follow.   Especially if they are already on the street.  

He kept ending up at a building that had “a man going in and out”. 

Finally, I said…”Sir, I think my son is still at our building.   Let me call him and I will have him wave at you.”   I told him that my son drives a silver 4 door Chevy truck and that it’s parked in front. 

He said “I’m at the building”.   I said “great…thank you”.    I hung up and thought “what an idiot”. 

Immediately after I had the “what an idiot” thought, I realized that the “man” he was referring to was my 22 year-old son who stands 6’2 and weighs 210 pounds.  

Let me tell you right now….if you refer to my son (that I gave birth to) as a man, you will loose me…. Every. Single. Time. 

If he would’ve said I see a very tall boy with a baby face, I would’ve known.  

It’s now 8:30 at night and I still trying to understand why the  insurance man said he saw a “man” going in and out of the building. 

Some businesses will hire anyone.  



What do you see when you look at this kid?   Man or boy?    If you’re thinking man and if you’re looking for a job,  I know of an insurance company that would probably hire you.   Smile


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