When I first started my blog in August 2011, I didn’t know for sure what I wanted to blog about.    Primarily, I had homeschooling in mind.   Then I thought I would  do a cooking  blog.    I think I even considered a book and photography blog.    Over a year later, I know exactly  what I like to blog about.    I like to blog about my family.  This is still a homeschooling, cooking, and  photography blog but, I will blog about those things in relation to my family.   Family is the main focus.   Everything else is just a bonus.

“Ambitions of Grace” is my goal in life.      I want my family to know me as a fun person.    Also, as someone who tries to do the right thing and live by my convictions.     I  try my best to provide for the needs of my husband and children.

Romans 5:2  By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

“Grace” – I love that word.   My heart reacts every time I hear it.

If my life were a television show.   The following titles would be considered….

Survivor: Homeschool Island

Family Ties (You in Knots)

Tales from the Fishing Boat

CSI (Catching Spoonbill Institute)

Extreme Makeover: Mom Needs a Break Edition

Shark Week (Me after a week of teaching my daughter mathematics)

Director: God

Producer:  My Camera and I

Location:   Northeastern Oklahoma

Cast of Characters…


Me.    I don’t have any good pictures of myself.   This was taken  Christmas 2010.    I wanted to show a photo that best represents what I look like.

2011-06 San Antonio 367

Michael.   We’ve been married for 24 years.   He is the best person I know.   He is a good provider and a good dad.    He can fix anything.   He’s my best friend.    I like him a lot.  Smile


Our wedding day in 1989.


This is Clay.   He’s my firstborn.  He’s 21.   He has been my easiest kid to raise.   He is compliant, easy-going, and disciplined.   He likes good food and he has a voracious appetite.    He likes adrenaline surging activities.    He’s the apple of my eye.


This is Chance.   He’s 16.  He was born 5 years after Clay.    He likes hunting,  fishing, and girls.   Sitting still is torturous to him.   He is a character.  I wouldn’t have him any other way.


This is Cristin.   She’s 13.   She is the baby of the family.   She likes to think she rules the roost.    She is strong-willed, sweet, and beautiful.  She likes shopping and spending time with friends.   We’ve spoiled her rotten since day one.


This is my sister Paula and her family.   In order from left is Katie, Kris, Zach, Paula, and Kris.


This is my  sister Penny (born 12 years after me) and her husband Morgan.   Her kids are affectionately called Spud and Tater.

2011-3   Spring Family Pics 120

Mom.   Aka…Grandma.

Supporting Cast….

Clay Graduation 053

My in-laws.


4H friends.




My grandma.


Punkin Dog.


Maesa kitty.


Purdy Weiner.

Please tune in next time for another episode (post)…thanks for reading.


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  1. Big changes here too. Please replace the picture of my family with one in which I do not look like a troll.

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