Family Update

I’ve neglected my blog lately for various reasons, but the main reason has been personal and business taxes.   I’m happy to report that my taxes are done.    Now… don’t read over that too quickly.   Did you catch what I said?  My taxes are done!!!    As I typed that sentence I felt like doing a butt-naked happy dance.    Now don’t worry, I’m not dancing naked, but I’m sporting a silly grin much like a third-grader on picture day. 

I’ve got some things I want to share.  I will list them in random order.   Ok?

*In about a week, we are putting new flooring throughout our house.  We are going with laminate wood floors.   We have some minor issues with our foundation, so we are going with laminate because it is a “floating” floor.   That means the flooring sits on a thin padding.   The padding helps camouflage the imperfections with our foundation.    Clay has volunteered to do most of the work.  Michael is simply too busy to help.     Clay likes doing home remodel projects, so I will let him do it.    We plan to tackle one room at a time.   We will move the furniture out of the room we are working on and move it back in when the floor is down.   I’m pumped about new flooring.   It’s going to be a lot of work, but I don’t care.     I will post before and after pictures here on the ol’ blog page.

*My boys just had their 23rd and 18th birthdays.   They are like adults or something.     The silly grin is gone as I think about how fast the last 23 years has passed.    While I’m only in my early 40s, I can see how fast 20 years flies by.   It’s sort of depressing.   They are good boys, and I’m excited to see what the next 20 something years will bring them.  


*I’ve been reading every opportunity I get.   I do most of my reading while waiting at soccer practice.    I’ve decided that Lynn Austin is my new favorite author.   Let me tell you, its quite an accomplishment for Lynn Austin to kick Francine Rivers off my pedestal,  but she did it.    I recently finished the book titled “All Things New” by Austin.  Now I’m reading another book by her called “Hidden Places”.   It will be one of my top five favorite books ever.     If you know me at all, you know how much I like books, so this is big news.  Smile


*My daughter is playing soccer.   Soccer seems to have consumed what was left of my life after taxes and sleeping, but don’t let my tone fool you, I’m loving every minute of it.   I will never, ever, never like soccer as much as softball, but I’m starting to enjoy it.  It’s an exciting sport.     She plays Goalie and Defender on both of her teams.  She’s doing an amazing job at both positions and improving every day. 


*Cristin is also playing spring softball.   You might be thinking that playing for 2 soccer teams and 1 softball team sounds like a big commitment.   Well I’m thinking the same thing.   I will give you a few hints as to my reasons for the multiple commitments. 

1.  A few months ago, during a stressful time,  I realized that Cristin had too much time on her hands.   That’s all I have to say about that.   :-/

2.  Cristin is a social creature and she thrives in the team sports setting.  So, for now, we will live on crock pot food and I will read books in parking lots.   And that’s ok.     I know how fast times flies and I also know this crazy time in my life won’t last forever. 

3.  The reason for softball in addition to soccer…is because her and I both love it.    She started pitching practice yesterday.  YAHOO for softball!!!!!!

*And…I have HUGE news!!!   We found out yesterday that Chance was selected for the Remember the Removal bike ride.   This is the same trip that Clay went on two years ago.   One of my post about Clay’s journey came be found here.    We are so excited that Chance will get to have an experience equally awesome to Clay’s.    We go for our first rider’s meeting Saturday morning. 

I think that covers the highlights.   Below is a short video I took of Cristin playing Goalie on her indoor soccer team.   She made two saves during this short video. 

And that’s all for now…

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