Soccer Mom

A few years back there seemed to be a brand applied to any woman driving a mini-van with a load of kids and sports gear in the back.      She was termed a “soccer mom”.     Any time I hear the words “soccer mom”, I envision a woman on the sidelines at a soccer game screaming with a belligerent  tone.   She is usually the one screaming at the refs and embarrassing anyone in their  vicinity. 

For the next  few months, guess what I will be….a “soccer mom”.   Except,  I don’t scream at  refs.   I might make faces at them, but I don’t scream.      I only use a “tone” when someone on the field deserves it.    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.    Smile

Cristin is currently playing on two soccer teams.   One is an indoor Rec league.     “Rec” means recreation.  It’s  fun soccer.   The other is a competition league with a homeschool team in Tulsa.  They do  serious soccer.   No messing around on this team.   Cristin is LOVING the homeschool team and learning a lot at the practices. 

Between January 25th and the middle of April, Cristin will play  30  to 40 soccer games.   This doesn’t count tournaments.  

Because the homeschool team is competitive, they practice a lot.    Four nights a week in Tulsa to be exact.   

I do a lot of driving and waiting.     Driving and waiting.    I don’t mind really, I get to read and take pictures while I wait. 

But you know what ….this is not about me. 

This is about Cristin and her love of team sports.   The  camaraderie  with girls her age is equally fun for her.      


She really likes her coach.   She is in the black shorts and red socks in the above picture.   She’s second from left. 


Now she’s in pink shorts and black socks.  


They do a lot of conditioning.   ‘Conditioning’ is a fancy word for running their butt off. 



These pictures aren’t great.   I’m quite a distance away.    I had my zoom lens stretched all the way out to get these pictures. 



There is a flock of Canadian geese that makes their home on the soccer fields.   They fly away while the girls practice.  


This is the first of many soccer post that I will be doing.   The first indoor game is set for this Saturday.   However, it may be cancelled because some of the girls are committed to an event at school.  

If she plays Saturday, I will post pictures.

That’s all for now,

The Soccer Mom

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