Christmas Highlights

After a month of anticipation, Christmas is now behind us.   While I’m glad it’s over, I feel a bit sad.  

I’m going to show you some of my highlights of the day. 



It’s tradition for Grandma to come Christmas morning and watch my kids open their gifts.   This past May, Grandma had her gall bladder removed.   I didn’t realize how many problems her gall bladder caused until AFTER it was removed.   Here she is looking pretty in pink and feeling good at 85 years old.     I know these traditional Christmas mornings won’t last forever, so I’m happy she was able to come.    Grandma being at my house on Christmas morning was a highlight for me.


My kids are THE highlight and being able to give them gifts is a bonus.      Grandma even got a few things.   Smile





Naptime was Punkin’s highlight of the morning. 



Cristin likes her new bed set. 


At two o’clock other “highlights” showed up.    And we ate food.   We alternate every Christmas between having a meal or finger foods.   This year we combined the two.   We had turkey, ham, little smokies, rolls, potato puffs, enchilada lasagna, tortilla roll-ups,  chips, dill dip,  and cheese and crackers.     (Note: I didn’t eat the ham or little smokies)



This little guy is a major highlight in my life.   I’m very fond of him.   His personality is larger than life.  


Danielle is our family friend.   I completely adore her.   She is a highlight.  


Clay is giving his Grandpa a technology lesson.

Below are pictures of our Dirty Santa gift exchange.   This exchange is becoming a tradition.   I guess we’ve been doing this for 7-8 years now.    We have lots of laughs.    

The laughs and smiles are a highlight for me.




I got a new Brother-in-law-handmade-pen at the exchange.   This is number 6 for me.    My mother-in-law saw Morgan’s pens, and she is having him make 3. 


And this is the desserts my sister brought.   Holy cow!    I don’t know what the dessert on the left is called, but it taste even better than it looks in the picture.    The dessert on the right was heavenly as well.   I think it’s called Marshmallow Cheesecake. 

The day ended with a crazy card game of…dare I say it…BullShit.    I wasn’t keeping score or anything, but I considered myself the champion of last night’s game.   Poor Danielle never understood that she needed to get rid of cards instead of collect them.   Smile   It must be really hard to have me as an opponent in the game.  Smile

When I went to bed last night, I felt tired, but also a true sense of blessing.   I have a the most wonderful family, a warm house and comfortable bed,  health for all my family, and all needs are provided for.

And then I thought about my truest most blessed Gift.   

Luke 2:11 says this:

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. 

Praise God…for He loves us. 

That is all.   I hope you had a Merry Christmas wherever you are. 

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3 Responses to Christmas Highlights

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  2. I’m glad I’m a highlight! Thank you again for letting me be a part of Christmas

  3. Lisa says:

    Looks like you had a lovely day!
    I LOVE the idea of the big box for your highlights
    You need to tell us why you don’t eat pork
    Penny’s cookie ores thingy looks AMAZING
    What is dirty santa? Is that like what we call secret santa where you buy a limited gift for a peron whose name you have pulled out of a hat. Usually lots of fun?

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