Working Woman

The dreaded day is finally here.   I’m working.   Can you believe it?  Me….at work.    I’m sitting at my desk at 9:30 in the morning typing on my computer just like the rest of the world.   

But, I ask you… is this REALLY work?  

You will need a bit of history before you help me decide.

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that my hubby and I have started our own business.      However,   a brand new small business doesn’t exactly take off like a flock of wild geese.   It takes time to build…especially this kind of business.     Machine shop customers  need to establish trust in your abilities.    As a customer, you have to know that your machine shop knows what the heck they are doing.  

And all of that IS happening.   Business is growing.   My hubby is very good at what he does.  

But, until the geese take off and are flying high,  my hub is still working his day job.  

Our oldest son has been  running the shop during the day.   He has sacrificed a lot to help us this first month and a half.   Let me tell you…he is a great kid.   Today, he is back to work full time at his regular job.    I’m excited for him.   His employer gave him a substantial pay increase. 

So…where does that leave me?   At the shop.   Working.  

And by working…I mean…..

I’m typing this blog post…

Cristin is working on American History…

I’m paying end of the month bills…

And texting a friend about music…

Our machine shop customers DO NOT want me out there messing up their stuff.   Smile  

I haven’t been looking forward to this day.   I have “stuff” that do at home.   Laundry must get done.   Our dogs need to be pampered.   Evening meal preparations are a necessity. 

And then I realized…

I’m doing what I want, at a desk, inside a building with our family logo on the front.    My life couldn’t be more perfect and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  



Yep, other than a  teenage daughter who refused to let me take a good picture….life is good.   

Cristin just asked me who said “Give me liberty or give me death”.   She was shocked that I knew the answer (Patrick Henry).      I love history about our American Patriots and I never take my liberties for granted. 

*One other order of business….I have many things that I want to share on my blog, but when I think about sitting down and doing a lengthy blog, I put it off.   So, my future post will be a bit shorter but more frequent.      That way I can sit down in an hour or so…say what I want to say and move on to something else.   

And that is all….I’ve gotta get back to “work”.   Smile

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