Fall 2013

Happy Sunday to you,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking.   Smile  

I haven’t posted in a while,  so I want to do a  quick update. 



Much of my time is being spent taking care of our new business.    Taking care of bills, purchasing, and other odds and ends takes time.   Sometimes it feels like I have a full time job.   But, let me tell you…I’m having a blast.   It feels more worth my while to be taking care of OUR business.    It’s a different  sense of accomplishment when taking care of our business instead of someone else’s business.  Does that make sense?   It’s nice to have a something like this with family.        

How’s the business going?      Well, money is being made, but not enough for Michael to quite his job.   Hopefully, Michael will only have to work another month or so.     Clay is there during the day.   Without his help, I don’t know what we would do.   He’s a pretty good kid. 



Chance got a new truck.   It’s a big truck that uses a lot of gas, but as I type this post, he is filling the bed of the truck with wood he cut.   He made a good amount of money last year selling wood.   He plans to do the same thing this winter.    He can haul a rick and a half of wood in the bed of that truck. 



Cristin and Katie have been playing soccer together.   I’m a big fan of softball, but I’m starting to get into this soccer thing.   They had a game in Collinsville yesterday.   It was such a good game.   They won by 1 point.   I just about gave myself a hernia, and I was just sitting on the sidelines.   I could easily be one of those parents that makes a fool of themselves by yelling and fit-throwing.   But, I refrained…. like a good girl should.   Well kinda sorta.     Let’s move on…


Zach got a new jeep.   It’s totally kick-butt awesome.  


One evening a couple weeks ago, all 5 of us had the opportunity to go out and eat together.   That doesn’t happen very often.  


And now I must tell you about my critters. 

This is Punkin.   She is without a doubt the best dog on the planet.    For years, I’ve never wanted to have any dog except her.    She was our only dog for 11 years.    Purdy5


And then our neighbor brought over a tiny weenie puppy that needed a home.   That was over a year ago.   Purdy Weiner has been such a nice addition to the family.    She has the cutest personality.   I’m telling you, everyone should have a weenie dog.    We are even considering getting another one in December.    I’m quite sure we don’t need 3 dogs, but  I’m starting to think a family can’t have too many wiener dogs.



This is our 19 year old kitty taking a cat nap on my bed.  


Chance is happy because it’s finally hunting season.    




I just cooked up a big batch of fresh deer steak.   The first deer cooked of the season taste the best.  


In other news….

My 85 year old grandma is doing amazingly well after having her rotten gall bladder removed back in May.    I had no idea  her gall bladder was the cause of so many of her health troubles.    I took her to the eye doctor last week.   We were in a room that  had a world map covering one whole wall.  (You can see part of it in the picture)   She pointed out places she has traveled and  told me traveling stories.    I told her I knew someone who lives in Australia and pointed out where that person lives.    She was amazed that I knew someone who lives outside the US.   She asked many questions about my Australian friend.    Grandma is back to being her old self.    I hate it that she was so sick with her gall bladder for so long before the problem got taken care of.     


I took this picture of my oldest and youngest last week.   I love this picture and I just wanted you to see it.   Smile


At the moment, my hubby works full time during the day.   Then he works 4-8 hours at the shop in the evenings.   One evening he was there till midnight getting work done.   These pics were taken at 10:30pm.   Clay even helped after he got off work at 9:00.        


I have a thing for flowers.   I believe flowers are gifts straight from God.   There are so many varieties of colors and shapes.    The next time you see flowers blooming, stop, look, and remember this post.   I’m telling you, flowers are not just flowers.   They are little pieces of Heaven on Earth.  



It might be odd to add this, but during the last month, I’ve been on the search for the perfect taupe  eye shadow.   I’m happy to report that I’ve narrowed my findings down to 3 finalist.  

These are not in any particular order.   Top of picture) Yukon by Cargo.   This shadow doesn’t have the best pigmentation, but the color is my perfect shade of taupe.   Middle) Lasting Taupe by Neutrogena.   I’m always looking for shadow with staying power.   This is the best I’ve found.   It doesn’t budge.    3) Nutty by Wet N Wild.    My favorite way to wear taupe is the Neutrogena color underneath the Nutty by Wet N Wild.  


At last but not least…I’m loving the new season of Survivor.   I was so happy to see Brad voted out last week.   He was way over playing his game.   I predict  Laura (Rupert’s wife), Aras, and the other Laura to  go far in this game.  

And lastly…I have a couple quotes for you.

“A family is a place where principles are hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living”  Charles Swindoll.

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life” Richard Bach.

And that’s all for now…

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  1. Lisa says:

    Lovely post Pam. Sounds like life is good right now 😊

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