Rudolph’s Performance Machine

A few short  weeks ago, starting our own business was  something we always just talked about.    Now, after much work and dollars spent, we will be opening for business in the morning.    We put the signs up today.   

Michael will be working at his regular job during the day until we start making some $$$$$.   Clay will be at the shop during the day to take in work.    Michael will do machine work in the evenings.        Hopefully, he will only have to work two jobs a few more weeks before he can be at the shop full time.  



A brother-in-law with a tractor is a necessity of life.    This is how Okie’s install a sign. 


Does this look safe to you?




This sign has a duplicate on the other side of the pole.  



He’s wearing his “Rudolph’s Performance Machine” t-shirt.  


Michael is putting up the sign on the other side.  


Just in case you’re not clear on how close the train passes by our building….you can see the sign Michael just installed in the upper left corner of this picture.  Smile


Here is a shot from inside the building.   The machine on the left is a mill.   The shorter machine on the right is a lathe.   He’s been working with them already.   Notice the metal shavings on the floor and the tooling on the work bench. 


Our machine shop is powered by Orange Crush.   Smile


Here are the machines needed for automotive machining.  


Michael has his grinding stones organized the way he wants them. 


Now he’s on a ladder in the back of Clay’s truck.   I’m positive this is NOT safe. 


This is the table where customer paperwork will happen.  




Two cool dudes. 


Clay is showing Mom videos from the Luke Bryan concert last night. 


How does it look?


Michael’s mom came to the shop for the first time today.   He is showing her how the machines work.


Michael can’t talk if his hands aren’t moving.   Smile


Michael’s friend from work stopped by today.   Michael is  talking shop with everyone in the picture. 


Today was a big day.     I took pictures.    Smile



Michael with his Mom and Dad. 


Michael’s parents brought sparkling grape juice.    We had a toast to the new business.  


I can’t give enough thanks  to my brother-in-laws, Morgan and Kris for their help.    They have helped move equipment and do sign work.     Please know that Michael and I don’t take your help for granted.     

And that is all for now.     I will update on our business in the future.  

Happy Weekend to Ya

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3 Responses to Rudolph’s Performance Machine

  1. Lisa says:

    I love the sign! Now, I’m a complete ignoramus when it comes to under the bonnet stuff. So, what sort of things would get machined at the shop? Why would I take my car there? Geez, I’m really outing myself as a dill here LOL

  2. rmprudolph says:

    If you pulled the motor out of your car and you wanted to rebuild it, you would bring it to us. If you have a race car and you wanted to make the motor go really fast, you would bring it to us. 🙂
    We hope to get a lot of business from the racing community. We are planning to do a lot of marketing at local racing events.
    Let me tell you, I could sure use your accounting expertise right about now. 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Thankfully I understand accounting a lot better than cars. I think you will do really well looking after the books, you strike me as quite methodical 😉

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