Man or Boy

Whenever I do or say something that proves I’m something  less than a genius,  I usually ignore or downplay my blunder  and hope no one noticed.    And I  don’t normally share my shortcomings with the world on my blog.  

However, today, I’m going to share.   OK?    

Let me set the stage…

I’ve been really busy the last few weeks getting everything set up for our new business.    I’ve had literally hundreds of phone calls with the insurance companies, the bank, the sign guy, and so on….

Because I am a woman, I’m usually processing about 40 different thoughts at any given moment.   Especially here lately.  

So, it’s safe to say than I’ve been sort of “distracted”.     You know what I’m saying?   Ok….good. 

Moving on…

Clay was at the shop today doing some painting and other odds and ends.    I stopped by before running my errands.   He was painting tables outside the front doors and was busy so I didn’t stay long.    Cristin was with me and we were going to a clothing store nearby.     She needed something new to wear to the Luke Bryan concert on Saturday.   Woot Woot!!!    That’s a post  you can expect after Saturday.    Smile

So, I’m sitting in the car outside the clothing store.   I was doing some multi-tasking and cleaning out my purse.    

My phone rang.

A man introduced himself.   I don’t remember his name.    He said he represented our new insurance company and that he was in town to get a picture of our facility.   I knew this was not unusual so I said “ok”.

He told me that he was already on our street.   

(Our street is short.   It has 4 businesses total, including ours.)

He asked me which building it was.   I told him that it was the second building on the right.   He told me he saw a building that looked like ours.   He said “I see a man going in and out”. 

Hmmm.   How could this guy miss our building? 

I thought…”Ok, I’m going to have to give this guy very clear directions”.  

I gave him directions that any moron could follow.   Especially if they are already on the street.  

He kept ending up at a building that had “a man going in and out”. 

Finally, I said…”Sir, I think my son is still at our building.   Let me call him and I will have him wave at you.”   I told him that my son drives a silver 4 door Chevy truck and that it’s parked in front. 

He said “I’m at the building”.   I said “great…thank you”.    I hung up and thought “what an idiot”. 

Immediately after I had the “what an idiot” thought, I realized that the “man” he was referring to was my 22 year-old son who stands 6’2 and weighs 210 pounds.  

Let me tell you right now….if you refer to my son (that I gave birth to) as a man, you will loose me…. Every. Single. Time. 

If he would’ve said I see a very tall boy with a baby face, I would’ve known.  

It’s now 8:30 at night and I still trying to understand why the  insurance man said he saw a “man” going in and out of the building. 

Some businesses will hire anyone.  



What do you see when you look at this kid?   Man or boy?    If you’re thinking man and if you’re looking for a job,  I know of an insurance company that would probably hire you.   Smile


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