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Hollow Leg

There’s an old saying in Oklahoma for a kid with a big appetite.   In fact, my Grandpa directed this saying at my boys numerous times.   While my boys were finishing up their third plate of biscuits and sausage gravy (or … Continue reading

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Business Owners

Everybody put your hands to your cheeks and scream!!!!!    Come on…let me hear you.   Ok…I know you didn’t scream, but I shall continue anyway.   My Hub and I are officially business owners.    We are opening an automotive and production machine … Continue reading

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New School Year

Next Monday will be a big day  in this  household.   This upcoming school year begins Cristin’s freshman year of homeschooling.    I’ve been planning this year for the better part of a week.    I’ve ordered brand new books from Amazon.   I’ve … Continue reading

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Dad’s Knife

Late last night while I was floating around on my  Ipad apps,  I noticed on my home screen that it was already the 1st of August.    I was aware the 1st  was  approaching, but I haven’t stopped long enough to … Continue reading

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