My Father-in-law purchased an older ski boat about a year ago.    During the last year, he’s  rebuilt the motor, updated the interior, and given it a fresh coat of paint.   Basically, the boat is like new.

Last week, they took my kids out for ski lessons.    My In-laws were quite good at skiing in their younger years.    My hubby could ski when he was really young.   He  was 5 or 6 years old when he first started.

When the kids tried skiing last week (when these pics were taken), they had a hard time of it.   They just couldn’t stay up for very long at all.   Chance was the only one who stayed up for any length of time.  

I don’t know what changed between last week and last night, but Clay got it all figured out.   I think it had something to do with the take off speed of the boat. 



I stayed on the beach and took photos from a distance. 




I told Chance to leave his sunglasses in the car.   He had been in the boat for about 2 minutes when he dropped his sunglasses in the water.    They are the kind that float.


So, they had to turn around and Chance had to fish them out of the water.   I tell ya…Momma knows best.   He should’ve left them in the car.    Smile


Most of the time when they were skiing, they were at quite a distance across the water.   Even with my telephoto lens on the  camera, they were a bit too far, so I took pictures of my surroundings.




I have about 200 pictures on my SD card that are too far away.   Sad smile





This bird was not happy about me being on her beach.    She was a noisy bird.  I’m pretty sure she was cussing me out in her own  bird lingo.    I think she had a nest somewhere close. 


I even took a picture of my new car.   I’m still loving my new ride.    Smile    My hubby spoils me rotten.


Below is a video from yesterday evening.   This video was taken by my FIL using Clay’s new HTC One  phone.   It shoots video in HD.   Isn’t that just the coolest? 

Chance and Cristin were away at 4H camp.

And for anyone who might be curious, they are skiing at Oologah Lake in Northeastern Oklahoma.   Smile 

Clay’s got this skiing thing figured out.   And that is all for now.

Happy Summer to You…

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1 Response to Skiing

  1. jaynefranks says:

    What a clever dad, and what an opportunity for your kids. Water skiing is something I have never done. The cold weather and freezing water doesn’t encourage me to go looking for it in the UK and now with the ‘old back’ i’m not sure my body would tolerate it too well. I know all excuses… Of course I’d love a go. And you’re so right mums do know best…. just like mine should have taken their coats to school yesterday- both walked in dripping feeling sorry for themselves.

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