There’s Something About Flowers

I started a new book this morning.    It’s one of those books that makes me think outside of my little box.    It’s a book that makes me ponder life’s big meaning, encourages deep thinking, and all that jazz.  You know what I mean…  

Books like the one I’m reading now, makes me want to share deep thoughts. 

I usually look back on these posts later and feel embarrassed about my spewing of thoughts, but for now…I’m going on with it. 

I order to  get to my point, I have to tell a short story.    

My daughter has been pitching for her softball team.   She is being trained  by a really nice man, who is great at coaching.   When she has pitching practice, we go to his house.    Occasionally, during practice my daughter pitches a crazy ball and I go chase it.      When I was at Coach’s house, chasing a softball, I found one of his blooming Lilac bushes.   (Sorry, I don’t have a picture)   There is something mesmerizing about the scent of blooming Lilac flowers.     I had a moment with the lilac bush.      I’m unable to get  enough of the scent of Lilac.    ‘

And then there’s roses.   Roses are so beautiful.   The scent is divine.   I can stare at roses in wonder. 

Iris’ is now blooming  in Oklahoma.   I saw a garden full of the most beautiful white Iris’ yesterday.   The blooms were perfect. 

I believe that flowers are not just nature’s way of reproducing.   I believe that the beauty of a flower, their heavenly scents, are a gift straight from God. 

I believe that flowers are a glimpse of something perfect.    There are a beholding of something that my words and understanding can’t explain. 

Whoever coined the expression “Stop and Smell the Roses” knew what I’m talking about.  


I don’t even know what this flower is called, but it’s blooming outside my bedroom window.    I get an indescribable feeling when I look out my window and see this single blooming flower in it’s temporary moment of glory.  


“The smallest flower is a thought, a life answering to some feature of the Great Whole, of whom they have a persistent intuition.”     Honore De Balzac.

So, if you see a perfect blossom, please stop, take it all in, and remember this post.    Your day will be better because of it.   I guarantee.   Smile

And just so you know…the book I’m reading is called “Every Bush is Burning” by Brandon Clements.   Its free today for Kindle.    I’m only at 10 percent, so I can’t tell you about the book overall, but I like what I’ve read so far. 

May your day be as perfect as the scent of Lilac…

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