So…momma has a new car.   It’s a 2011 Chevy Equinox.  

I have mixed emotions about having a new car in the garage.   This is my first new car in about 15 years.    We’ve been paying cash for cheap used cars for years.    My most recent car (a 1996 Chevy Suburban) was starting to leak oil.   The air conditioner, which hasn’t worked good in years, finally quit and it burned gas like a tank. It also needed $600.00 in new tires.    

I guess I have finally reached the status of “adult” because having a new car no longer gives me the “warm fuzzies”.    I’m petrified at the thought of car payments.    Please don’t think I don’t like the car.   I do.   It’s a nice car to drive.    It’s the car I’ve wanted for a long while.   It’s shiny clean and the air-conditioning could freeze ice.     But, new cars cost money.  



Our main hope is that this car will provide us with savings on gas.    So far, I’ve been very impressed with the gas mileage.    I drove this car for 2 weeks and 2 days on $43.00 in gas.   I even made a couple out-of-town trips.    We originally thought we would save about $100.00 on gas per month with this car.   Now, I’m thinking the savings will be more like $150.00 a month.    Even if we only save $100.00 a month in gas, that makes half the payment.    My other car had a big V8 motor.   My new car is a 4 cylinder with an ECO function that cuts down the cylinders to 2 on the highway (or a least that’s the way I understand it to work)



Anyway…we plan to save big on gas. 

These pictures don’t do justice to the car.   It’s quite pretty.   I took the pictures in harsh light when lots of shadows are being cast on the paint. 

I just wanted to share my new car news.    I may do another post in a few months if this car does what it’s supposed to do and saves us lots of gas $$$$$. 



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  1. Lise says:

    Nice car Pam!

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