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Front Yard Maple

While I was sitting on my front porch last night, I took notice of all the feathered activity happening in my maple tree.    At one point, I noticed 15 –20 birds moving around the tree.    I saw a cardinal, a … Continue reading

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Snagging Spoonbill 2013

About 4 years ago, my brother-in-law Morgan showed my son how to snag a spoonbill.   Since then,  Chance starts looking forward to snagging season in about December.    During the dreary winter days of January and February it’s a weekly occurrence … Continue reading

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This post may not be of much interest to anyone other than family, friends, and coonhound enthusiast.   This post is about my grandpa.    And unless you knew him, you can’t really get a grasp of the kind of person he … Continue reading

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So…momma has a new car.   It’s a 2011 Chevy Equinox.   I have mixed emotions about having a new car in the garage.   This is my first new car in about 15 years.    We’ve been paying cash for cheap used cars … Continue reading

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Spring Pictures

I grabbed my camera this evening a took a stroll in my front yard.   Everyone of these photos was taken  within approximately 50 feet of my front door.    Oh…how I love my camera!!!      I love trying to capture … Continue reading

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Room Remodel

I have this room.      If you enter my house from the driveway (which most people do), this is the first room you see.      I call it my  “plant room”.   Why?   Because, when I first moved in this house 20 years … Continue reading

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First Game of the Season

OK… Last night was a big night.    It was the first official game of the 2013 softball season.    Cristin came to the mound the second half of the game and really showed her stuff.   We were behind by several runs … Continue reading

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