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Trial Run

Let me tell you where I’ve been the last week or so… I’ve been on a trip to a plantation house in the Old South.   I was a worker in the kitchen, a guest in the big house,  and a … Continue reading

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We’ve had our dog Punkin for almost twelve years.   For eleven of those years,  she was our only dog.    Her sole purpose in life is to sleep on pillows.   And because we love her, that’s what we let her do.  … Continue reading

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According to the dictionary, “hodgepodge” means  a conglomeration, miscellany, muddle, or mess.      That’s what you can expect in this post.   A muddle of life at our house over the last week.   Also, I have been experiencing a lull in my … Continue reading

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17th Birthday

The picture below  was taken 17 years ago today.    It is one of my favorites.    I didn’t own a camera when my son Chance was born, so I don’t have very many photos of him as a baby.     Back then, … Continue reading

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The Haven and the Homebodies

So, I have much to tell you today.   You know how there are certain types of people who don’t like to spend much time at home?     Those kind of people get up on Saturday mornings and immediately venture out into … Continue reading

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