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Last night, I had a long conversation with my sister about why I like  taking pictures.   Anytime I’ve tried to explain to someone why I like taking pictures, I never feel like I’ve accurately conveyed my reasons for enjoying photography … Continue reading

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Common Sense

A couple weeks ago, I pulled this book off my shelf.    As most of you know, I’m a huge Glenn Beck fan and an even bigger fan of the Founding Fathers.     This book is a brilliant combination of the two.     … Continue reading

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Same Kind of Different As Me

Have you ever finished a book and just sat starting into the blue beyond because the story is  over?    After the “blue beyond” stare you started Google-ing for any kind of information or pictures about the characters.    I just read … Continue reading

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4-H Christmas Party 2012

It’s that time of year again.    Today was our annual 4-H Christmas Party.   We had a short meeting, potluck dinner, and a Dirty Santa gift exchange.   I asked my sister if I could take my nephew and she said “ok”.   … Continue reading

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