I took some family pictures for my neighbor and her precious little family last weekend.    I had willing targets and a nice backdrop.    Also, it was an overcast day which made for good lighting.     Everything just seemed to come together that day   (Other than one little experiment with my manual mode).

I’m always critical of the photos I take, but I was happy with these pictures.  

So, let me tell you why I chose this blog title.  

I wanted my neighbor to see actual prints when she saw the pictures for the first time.   I didn’t want her to be looking at them on a computer screen.    I went to the photo lab at Wally World to get prints made.    I placed my order using the kiosk.    I returned  an hour later and gave the clerk my name to pick up the photos.   

That’s  when it happened.      The clerk said…….”I can’t give you these prints without the professional’s release”.     The what?   Did you say the word “professional”?    I became giddy with excitement.    He could tell by my reaction that I liked what he said.     I told him I was very “flattered” and  I said “I’m not a professional and promise I took those photos”.     I had to sign a  paper saying I was the actual photographer because they thought they were done by a pro.    Yeah.   For.    Me.   Smile

The photo clerk made my day.  

Below is some of the pictures.    Please have a look see.   Smile




















I love taking pictures.   I hope you enjoyed….

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2 Responses to Flattered

  1. Penny says:

    Lol!!!! That’s amazing!!!

    You did a fantastic job!!!! The colors are very nice. Love how they’re all wearing black.

  2. Penny says:

    I’m only slightly miffed that I’m just now hearing about all of this. 🙂

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