Last night, I had a long conversation with my sister about why I like  taking pictures.   Anytime I’ve tried to explain to someone why I like taking pictures, I never feel like I’ve accurately conveyed my reasons for enjoying photography so much.    Well, last night,  I finally found the right words.

It’s the thrill of the hunt.  I like to find a good bargain.  I LIVE for Black Friday.  I use coupons.  I shop for items on sale.  What does this have to do with photography?  It’s all about succeeding with your search.  Getting it  right.  Doing the best you can do.    It’s the thrill of the hunt.    It’s about clicking away until you get the perfect picture.    For professionals photographers, a great shot is common, but for amateurs like me, we really have to work for them.   Maybe 1 of every 100 pictures is THAT ONE PHOTO that makes you feel like you’ve done something great.

I took some pictures of my neighbors this weekend.   They are a young couple with the most precious little girl.    The little one is 2, which makes getting THAT ONE PHOTO even more difficult.

The pictures below are NOT  an example of getting THAT ONE PHOTO, but my neighbor was happy with them.

I have a tendency to focus on my subjects and forget about what’s happening in the background.   When that happens, I have problems like misplaced trees and green water hoses. UGH.  I just need to keep learning and improving.

I haven’t cropped or edited these photos.












This is as close as I got to THAT ONE PHOTO.   I happen to love this picture.


Stupid water hose.  Smile

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