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Talking Turkey

I’ve been feeling like I need to give you an update on my vegetarian “experiment”.        Big changes have been happening with the food I consume.    Not just the obvious elimination of meat, but how I’ve transformed my diet because meat … Continue reading

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Christmas 2012 Part 2

Just a quick post to say… Christmas festivities ended on a happy note.   We met at my house for our yearly Christmas chin-dig.    We ate huge amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing,  chicken and noodles, Paula’s famous salad, … Continue reading

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Christmas 2012 Part 1

Christmas generates a feeling in me that is impossible to put into words.     That feeling comes from the excitement of gifts… but not material gifts.      Christmas makes me thankful for the gifts that only God can give. Those gifts include … Continue reading

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Thirty Years

Every year I call to wish my sister a  happy birthday.  It has become a yearly tradition for me to tell her my memories of her arrival.       When you’re an 11-year-old, the birth of a sibling is a big deal….or … Continue reading

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I took some family pictures for my neighbor and her precious little family last weekend.    I had willing targets and a nice backdrop.    Also, it was an overcast day which made for good lighting.     Everything just seemed to come together … Continue reading

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My son Chance is 16 years old.   He is a business owner…sort of.  My husband and I have always believed that once our kids turn 16, they need to work for their spending money. I’m not talking 40 hours a … Continue reading

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What’s Missing?

Picture in your mind a bowl of old-fashioned whole grain oatmeal topped with 1/4 cup chopped pecans and small pat of butter.    That was my breakfast.      Above,  is a picture of my lunch. I mixed  chopped romaine, broccoli, kidney beans, … Continue reading

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