I.P.A.D.–Intensive Productivity Annihilation Device

I purchase an Ipad from Wal-Mart on Black Friday.   I  don’t know how I’ve survived all this time without it.     I shouldn’t say I got it on “Black Friday” when I actually purchased it on Thanksgiving Thursday.    Anyway…that’s beside the point.    I believe  that IPAD must  be an abbreviation.   Without a doubt, the letters  stand for Intensive Productivity Annihilation Device.   Smile  When my Ipad is in my hands,  all I want to do is explore, read, learn, and try new apps.    The apps make exploration so  easy and convenient.  

I decided to spend the money on an Ipad because I learned that with the Kindle app, I can get my Kindle books.  My eyesight is not what it used to be, and I liked the idea of reading on the big Ipad screen.   That decision was well founded because reading on the bigger screen is so much easier.  I downloaded the Kindle app and VOILA…all my books are there.    I love the digital age.   My ipad weighs as much as one  book and it contains over 200 books.  



Above, you see a  couple screenshots  of  my Kindle  books.   I can just see my sister laughing when she see’s some of my book choices.     My sister and I have very different taste in books, to say the least.  Smile   Can you see by looking at the book covers  that I like Christian historical fiction?  

I think the Kindle app from Amazon is my favorite app.    

Ok, moving on.

On my way home from purchasing my Ipad, I remembered that Glenn Beck’s app for “The Blaze” is only available on  Apple devices.   I made a mental note to download that app ASAP.      I have missed Glenn so much since he left FOX.   I’m not even subscribing  to his daily broadcast yet.  I’m just viewing the free show highlights on the app and I couldn’t be happier.    The Blaze app is a major productivity annihilator.  



In only a few days, Glenn has reignited a fire in me.    Glenn Beck knows how to speak to my heart.   If I used my new Ipad for nothing else other than Glenn viewing, that would be fine with me.  


This is an interactive globe app.  I love this.   You can rotate the globe and expand the maps with pinch and zoom.   I pinched and zoomed all the way to a satellite view of  my house. 


This is a screenshot of a free app showing species of North American birds.  


I love the free YouVersion Bible app.   

These are just a few of my downloaded apps.   I’m sure there are many more to discover.  



No wonder Apple is a global phenomenon.    Love…love….love my Ipad.   Love the apps.    I just need a 4 hour window of time each day for productivity annihilation.   Smile

Does anyone have any suggestions for free apps?    I like any type of free book or education apps.   

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4 Responses to I.P.A.D.–Intensive Productivity Annihilation Device

  1. Lisa says:

    It’s annoying me that I can’t comment on your blog from work….must be a firewall thing.

    There’s some great apps here for me to try! The globe one looks really interesting.

  2. rmprudolph says:

    The globe app is put out by National Geographic. I think I did a search for “world atlas” to find it. Its not free but also not expensive. I love that app. 🙂

  3. I have discovered that as long as I have a laptop, my phone, and my dslr……..I am good. I like my kindle, and the ipad looks cool, but I’m totally happy with the basics.
    I find it kind of backwards that you like techno gadgets more than me. 🙂

    And….I wouldn’t really say we have very different taste in books. I can easily read the same kind of books you like, and enjoy them, but I need more than just that style. If I read only one genre for an extended period of time, I would go completely mad with boredom. I must have diversty.
    I do confess, however, to being bored to tears by most historical works. Regardless of the genre, if it’s historical, I tend to struggle to get through it. At least the ones that are very fact heavy. *yawn*


    • rmprudolph says:

      I have a new Ipad, but when Clay and I were in Best Buy the other day, I saw the new 10 inch HD Kindle Fire, and I got that “feeling”. You know what feeling I’m talking about? They feeling when you want something really bad that you KNOW you don’t need. I bout went crazy when I saw the new Canon professional grade cameras. 🙂 Best Buy is not a good place for me to go.
      I love historical fiction first and foremost, but I do like branching out into other genres more than I used to. I have you to thank for that.

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