Cease Fire


Being a mother of teenagers means a constant barrage of conflict.    And although I love them dearly,  I feel like I’m constantly trying to defend my position and keep peace with the troops.   Everyday brings a  verbal  strike that sounds something like this….


When will food be ready?

Where are my shoes?

Where are my clean clothes?

When will food be ready?

I’m starving.

I don’t want to do math.

When will food be ready?

Where’s my stuff?

I need money.

I need gas.

What are we eating?

When are you shopping?

I’m going here.

I’m going there.


I’m always on guard and  loaded  with return fire.   I sound something like this…

I’m working on it.

I don’t know where your stuff is.

Where did you leave it?

Get off the phone.

Why are you going there?

Be home by…

Get off the phone NOW.

There’s food in the frig.

When will you be home?

Take out the trash.

Put your shoes away.

Who are you going with?

Don’t forget to…


Today however, is peace time.   A cease fire.    My teens are going to 4H camp for three days and two nights.    I’m going AWOL!!!!  Yeah baby!!!!     They will be learning stuff and spending time with friends.    I will be doing whatever the heck I want.   My activities will include; book reading, shopping at the library book sale, a haircut, taking pictures, and maybe an afternoon nap.    

I’m a little worried about how a post like this might be received.    I don’t want to give the impression that I’m a bossy General who is at war with my children.   I just said that stuff for blogging purposes.   I DO mean to give the impression that I’m looking forward to the next three days.      Like totally dude….I’m going to enjoy myself.   Smile


Cristin’s friend Alexis stayed the night here so she could get to the drop  site for camp.    I told them I wouldn’t deliver them to their ride unless they let me take some pictures.   Smile 


Here is a picture of Chance and some of the gang before leaving. 

They will be at Fin and Feather Resort.   It’s a beautiful resort on the banks of Lake Tenkiller.   Apparently, the food there is top-notch.   

OK…picture me sitting outside, book in hand, listening to the sounds of leaves falling, and enjoying peace time. 

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