What I’ve Learned


I’ve been wanting to sit down and do a post for days, but it’s been all kinds of crazy at my house.      I’ve been trying to keep a list in my mind of all the things I want to blog about.    The mental list kept getting longer and longer.      I was overwhelmed at the idea of doing a post covering so many different activities, so I decided to break it down into a few smaller, quicker-to-do  post.  

This post is about Photography.

I am an amateur photographer.   I don’t pretend to be anything other than a novice photographer.  However,  I’m always trying to learn new things about Photography.    This weekend was a major learning experience for me.

Here’s what happened….

Remember back when Clay went skydiving?     Clay went with his friend Levi.   Levi’s sister was there to take pictures and she had her camera attached to a monopod.    I was intrigued by the monopod.   What I liked most about the monopod was how easy it was to move around.   


See?   There she is with her monopod.    Since that day, I knew I needed one.  


Any way…A friend of mine asked me to be the photographer for her class reunion.     I knew I wanted to get a monopod before this event.   So after much research, I ordered a Manfrotto monopod from Amazon.   The total with free shipping was $78.00.     Along with my newly acquired monopod,  I went to their reunion banquet on Saturday to take photos.


The two photos above are from the event.    Nothing fancy…just snapshots.


This is my camera attached to my new, lovely, Manfrotto 679B monopod.     I love it!!!!  

  I have to tell you a short story about how I take pictures.    When my sister  (who also likes Photography)  takes pictures, she is very calm, relaxed, and careful with every photo she takes.   I go into this “cricket on crack” mode when I take photos.   I bounce around like a loony.     For instance, when other people might take 2 – 3 photos per minute in an event like this….I take 15-20 photos.    It’s a really bad habit to get into.     So when I’m bouncing around holding my camera, I get a lot of camera shake.   It is not uncommon for me to delete 1/3 or more of my photos because of camera shake.  

My lesson learned is this….

It is critical for me to secure my camera to something  other than my body (such as a monopod).      Out of 400 photos taken last Saturday, only 5 were deleted because of  camera shake.    People…this is huge!!!!    Only 5.   Smile     I did delete other photos for other problems such as blinking or weird facial expressions, but only 5 were blurry. 

AND…my monopod was so easy to move around in the crowd.    I highly recommend the Manfrotto 679B in case you’re in the market for a monopod.   The specs are on the Amazon website.   If you have a 20 pound camera, you might be cautious of the weight limit.   I have a Canon T2i and it worked fine with my heaviest zoom lens. 

Next, I plan to post about our trip to the Tulsa State Fair which was funded by $$$$ I earned at this reunion event.    It was nice to pay for an outing with money I earned.    My kids did something crazy at the fair…and I have the video to prove it.   Check back tomorrow.  

TaTa for now….

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