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Halloween 2012

First I must say, I don’t like Halloween.   However, we had too much fun for me to go into all that.    How can spending an evening riding around in the back of a truck with your whole family while laughing … Continue reading

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The Fruit of the Vine

I went out this evening to take some pictures.   As I was walking, listening to the quiet sounds of the woods, I thought about why I like taking pictures.   Taking pictures is MY thing.    What I mean is that photography … Continue reading

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The Place To Be

Ok…before I get started, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! to my  brother-in-law, Kris.   He is 56 today.   He went deer hunting this morning and got a deer.   He’s one awesome dude.   Today was my favorite kind of day.  The … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz

Back in early summer, Penny and Spud were here selling some of their stuff at my annual garage sale.   On that day, Spud and I started a little game.   The game goes like this… I ask him a question and … Continue reading

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Photo Shoot

Danielle is graduating in December with her Bachelor’s Degree.   This evening, I took some pictures that she could hopefully use in her graduation announcements.    I’m happy with these photos.    The sun was going down, so most of the photos have … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Nothin But a Hound Dog

My sister’s can sometimes  be flat rude.    They still have not caught on to the fact that family pictures are family business.   Sometimes I think they keep pictures from me intentionally because they are afraid I will put their pictures … Continue reading

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Cease Fire

Being a mother of teenagers means a constant barrage of conflict.    And although I love them dearly,  I feel like I’m constantly trying to defend my position and keep peace with the troops.   Everyday brings a  verbal  strike that sounds … Continue reading

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