How Do I….

I’m sitting outside on my front porch enjoying the cool breeze.   I’m watching my neighbor mow his yard.   My cat is lying under my feet flopping her tail up and down on my foot.   The sunshine is outstanding.

I’ve been writing this blog post in my head since Tuesday.    I  typed some of it up on Wednesday, but it wasn’t quite right, so I deleted it.     This is NOT the kind of post that I normally do.

This is one of those real life- what’s on my mind-kind of post.

I fear that I give the impression with my blog that my life and family are perfect.    When I realized that my post  gave off this kind of vibe, it bothered me.   Although my other posts are accurate, my life is NOT  perfect.      I’m hope to clear up that little misunderstanding right now.   Smile

Why do I want to do a real life post?    Here’s the reason.   Because, if I keep everything to myself and never reveal the issues that weigh on my heart, does anyone REALLY know me?    Sometimes, it feels like there are two me’s.   There is the me that you see in the store,  at my kids events, or on my blog….etc.    Then there is the side of me that’s deep and always thinking.   Constantly thinking.     I seem to never have a moment where I’m not thinking, planning, or working out life’s issues.     So today, I’m blogging about the thinking person.  Not the mom who does blog posts about all the fun things that her kids and family are doing.

It’s been a bad week of homeschooling.   Certain people are grounded.   I’m at my wits end.   This is the kind of post I do after a long, mentally exhausting week.

I will relay my thoughts in  question format.

how do i

How do I…teach my little consumers to conserve and be content with what they have?   Phil. 4:11      I Timothy 6:8

How do I…make my children understand that there is so much more to life than what’s happening inside their smartphone?   I Cor. 8:4

How do I….love people who don’t love me?   Matt 5;44

How do I…forgive when I remain unforgiven.

How do I…teach my kids to fly without making them feel like I’m pushing them out of the nest?  Psalms 36:7

How do I …let everyone in my family know how  important they are to me without smothering them?

How do I ….teach a child that doesn’t want to be taught?

How do I ….break out of my routine and do something good for myself?

How do I ….find time to read and study and improve my brain?

How do I…discipline my child?   I’m a protector, not a disciplinarian.       Proverbs 19:18

How do I….deal with children, bills, and life, and not become contentious?   Proverbs 21:19

How do I….let my teenagers do all the fun things I want them to do without breaking the bank?

How do I…be a parent without being controlling?

How do I….get through a homeschooling day without losing my temper?    Proverbs 31:26

How do I….cut our grocery bill?

How do I…train my children to be better people than the example I set?

How do I….fight fleshly urges to nap, eat unhealthy foods, and be unproductive?   Proverbs 31:15 & 27

How do I…remember to depend on God for help.    I need Him to be my rock, friend, help-meet, teacher, and counselor.

How do I….be everything to everyone that matters?

How do I…always be a good steward of my husband’s money?   Proverbs 31:11

How do I….remember to be positive.   Not whiny.   Not negative.   Not a poor-me kind of person.

OK…picture me pulling myself up by my boot-straps and getting on with it.

This little rant is over.

I’m going to have a bowl of home-made potato soup.

Have a lovely, wonderful, restful, weekend.

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4 Responses to How Do I….

  1. Janelle says:

    All good questions. I’ve certainly asked them of myself. I pray the weekends rest will give you the strength you need for the week ahead.

  2. Wow, this is a lovely post Pam and just what I needed today. I wouldn’t call it a ‘rant’… I could show you a thang or two about ‘ranting’ lol

    I wish we could sit down and discuss over a cuppa 🙂 So thought provoking

    Thanks for sharing

  3. rmprudolph says:

    Oh Lisa, how nice it would be if we lived close. I would love to visit with you face to face. I was afraid I scared off every reader I had with this post. I’m glad you liked….

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