A Tale of Two Enchiladas

Before I get on with the story about the two enchiladas, I have a few family updates.   


My son is remodeling the other bathroom.   He did a great job on the first bathroom so he has bathroom number 2 torn completely apart.      This of course, is the “before” picture.    Check back in a week or two for the “after” picture.      Unless disaster strikes in the form of……

My son is skydiving on Saturday.   YES…SKYDIVING!?!?!?!?!    He plans to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.   No…I won’t be there to watch or take pictures.   No…I don’t support this kind of activity.   No…I don’t think he is right in the head.   He is, in fact,  related to his dad who doesn’t see anything wrong with it.     Yes…I’m nervous about the whole crazy ordeal.

And…there is talk of him joining the Reserve.   Yes…as in military!!!!  He is looking for a way to fund his education.    This is a little more than my brain can handle.   More on this later.

I’m taking senior pictures for two kids in our 4H group.   We are doing that this evening.    I will post the pics I take in a day or two.   Keep your fingers crossed that I get some good shots. 



School is going pretty well.     Cristin is doing great with Geography.   Math, not so much.  Smile   Chance is at Vo-tech as we speak.   He is taking Carpentry.   He hasn’t been in a public school facility in 10 years.    Yesterday, he had to help teach other boys in his class how to read 1/8 and 1/16th measurements on a tape measure.     I was afraid he would be clueless.   Turns out, he is not the one who is clueless.    Go Chance!!!

Ok…now for the enchiladas.

Last night I browsed through my Pioneer Woman cookbook.   I decided to make her White Chicken Enchiladas.

Here is the link to her recipe.   http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2009/11/white-chicken-enchiladas/

My family loves.  Loves.   LOVES enchiladas!!!!   Well except for my hubby.   Remember..he doesn’t like chicken.   

So, I got all the ingredients needed at Wally World yesterday.   (I did forget the red and yellow peppers)

Anyway, I made them today.

Holy Moly!!!   Pioneer Woman said “They will really blow your dress up”.   She was right.  Except I wasn’t wearing a dress.  Smile


Let me tell you what “life-changing” thing I learned when making this recipe.  Canned enchilada sauce is nasty.   I bought this tried and true can of sauce yesterday.   Now, because I made the homemade sauce on the PW’s recipe, I will never use canned sauce again.   Never again.   Does anyone need a can of nasty enchilada sauce?   I will send it to you. 



I did make one modification to the recipe (besides omitting the red and yellow peppers that I forgot to purchase).     I didn’t use heavy whipping cream.   My family  (or my butt) doesn’t need 1/2 cup of anything that measures calories  by the teaspoon.     I used half and half and only used 1/2 of what the recipe called for.  The sauce was still plenty rich. 


The two little jewels changed everything about the way I cook enchiladas.    I will never use canned sauce again.   Trust Pioneer Woman on her homemade sauce.  She knows what she’s doing.    This recipe really is amazing.   Get the stuff you need to make them….today.   Smile

The other moral of this story is…..Don’t jump out of airplanes.   It’s not good for your mother.

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2 Responses to A Tale of Two Enchiladas

  1. I have a few of questions today 🙂

    Homeschooling is not a big thing here in OZ, infact I don’t know anyone who was homeschooled. When you are teaching math for instance is it high level (scary) trig maths? Were you a teacher in a former life? Do you have to learn everything a semester ahead of your kids? This is very intriguing.

    Is it Clay doing the Jump? Good luck! I did a tandam jump for a friends 30th . Best. Rush. Ever! hahah, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. rmprudolph says:

    Homeschooling is huge here in the US. I heard some stats the other day that said the number of homeschoolers in the US is in the millions. And that number is growing all the time.
    I managed to get through high school without really learning any math at all. I didn’t like it and I didn’t push myself to learn it. Now that I’m teaching math to my kids, I’ve had to learn it before I teach it. I know more about math now than I would’ve ever guessed possible some years ago.
    Clay is jumping. Penny is riding in the plane. She has never been in a plane before. She has a new blog about her feelings of anticipation. Its good!!!!
    You can expect very interesting blog posts in the next couple days. Penny or I will probably post a link to video.
    I can’t believe you’ve jumped. I there are two kinds of people. 1. Sensible ones. 2. Adrenaline junkies. I’m a group 1 kind of person. You and Clay are in group 2. 🙂

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