All Kinds of Random

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting on my couch enjoy the “sounds of silence”.     Three people in my family (the noisy ones) are still sleeping and the other is out running errands for me.    I don’t have a lot going on today…so I thought I would do a post.



Sit down and strap yourself in,  because topics are going to bounce around  like a chicken chasin’ a June bug. 


First topic….

I made Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti this week.   Holy Cow!!!   The combination of chicken, peppers and onions, spaghetti, cheese, and cream soups is truly a magical thing. 



Here is the link to the recipe so you can make this for yourself.    I will definitely be making this again. 

Clay, Cristin, and I thought the casserole was amazing.   However, Chance is not a big fan of peppers and onions.   So this is what he did…


My hubby wasn’t crazy about it either because he seems to believe that chicken is chic food.    He thinks he needs beef at every meal.   Don’t worry…I’m not letting him get away with that.   Anyhoo, that’s another post for another day.  

Ok…next topic.

My sister Paula,  and her family took a trip to South Dakota last week.   She stopped by my house yesterday and I told her I wanted to see her pictures.   Then I told her I would rather just have all the pictures to store on my hard drive.   I asked her where her camara card was and she said “in her purse in the car”.    I then gave her a big sister face that meant “bring that little sticker in here so I can steal your pictures”. 

So now her pictures are my pictures.    You won’t believe the jewels she was hiding on her camera card.    I will give you a little look-see…


Katie and Cristin.   Notice Cristin still has her braces. 


Tater eating dirt.    Isn’t he just grimy and precious????



A picture of my BIL looking like an ax murderer.     Smile


Zach in a wheel barrow.

And now….pictures of their trip.



Apparently South Dakota has wild turkeys everywhere.


They got to see Mount Rushmore.  



They went on a train ride through the Black Hills.


The older gentleman next to my sister is the man they went to visit.   His name is Dwayne.   He’s a friend of their family. 



Dwayne is a character.  


South Dakota looks like beautiful territory.



I start school on Monday.   I’ve been busy prepping and planning.   Cristin and I are starting a new math curriculum.


I’m excited about giving this a go.


We are going to be doing lots of Geography this year.    I said something about Portugal the other day and Cristin said “what’s Portugal”?   Yikes…that was a wake-up call. 


I’m selling lots of homeschool books on Craigslist that I will never need again.   Smile

That’s what’s happening up in this house today.   Sleeping, cooking, and school prep all the day long.  

Have a great weekend.  

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2 Responses to All Kinds of Random

  1. Random posts are my favorite kind of posts to read and write.

    My plan for today is to plan some blog posts, edit a video, and dig out the “project”. And I’m going to cook, clean, start a new book, watch Supernatural, and maybe sell my kids.

  2. rmprudolph says:

    LOL!!! I might purchase one of them. The low maintenance one. Yeah for the project!!!! I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Out of all of your “projects”, that one is my favorite.

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