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What I Buy

Ok…. I want you to know that I’m feeling a little corny about doing a post about my grocery purchases.     I’ve seen several of these post lately.   In fact, Pioneer Woman just did one of these.   As I was reading … Continue reading

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Senior Pictures

  About a week ago, I took pictures for a couple  kids in our 4-H group.    The parents plan to use these pictures as their kids senior pictures.   I was very flattered to be asked to do this for them.    … Continue reading

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My oldest son has always told me he wanted to skydive.   I think he started telling me this at around age 10.  He would say it maybe once or twice a year.   I would always dismiss  his comment.   I would … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Enchiladas

Before I get on with the story about the two enchiladas, I have a few family updates.    My son is remodeling the other bathroom.   He did a great job on the first bathroom so he has bathroom number 2 torn … Continue reading

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First Day of Our Homeschooling Year

Today was the first day of  our school year.     Overall, it went quite well.    Cristin probably would not admit it, but I think she was excited about getting started.   She is maturing and becoming much easier to teach.   After a … Continue reading

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Okie Saturday Night

When my hubby was younger, he had a fast car.  He loved that car.   He raced it on the weekends.      Marriage, responsibilities, and mouths to feed  choked out that  activity real fast.     However, I believe the love of racing and … Continue reading

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All Kinds of Random

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting on my couch enjoy the “sounds of silence”.     Three people in my family (the noisy ones) are still sleeping and the other is out running errands for me.    I don’t have a lot going … Continue reading

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