4-H Camps

Summer at our house means 4-H camps.   My two youngest kids have attended 4 summer 4-H camps so far.   

My kids look forward to summer camps all year long.  

Chance went to Forestry and Wildlife camp at Broken Bow, Oklahoma.   Chance and Cristin both attended Leadership Rocks in Tahlequah and Archery Camp at Stillwater.  They just got home from Multi-County Camp.   I will tell you a little bit about each one. 

The next few pictures are about Chance’s week at Forestry and Wildlife Camp.

fw camp

Here they are learning about stream ecology.   They study the water and the wildlife that lives there.  

fw camp2

This is Chance in the embarrassing shorts and boots combo.  He is learning about fly-fishing.    I didn’t go to camp with him.   If I had,  he wouldn’t be dressed like an Okie gangster. 

fw camp3

Chance knows enough about fly-fishing that helped teach the other kids.

fw camp4

This was the Wildlife education lady.   She brought a skunk, owl, and other critters. 

fw camp7

Chance is up in the bucket.   The instructors taught the kids so much about the Forestry industry. 


fw camp6

fw camp8

Chance and the other boys in his cabin at F & W camp. 

fw camp9

The whole Forestry and Wildlife camp group.   See the boy in the blue cap right in the center.   Chance is right behind him to the left. 

archery camp1

Archery camp at Stillwater.

archery camp2

Chance is on the end. 

archery camp3archery camp4archery camp5

This is our county archery instructor.   His name is Jim.

archery camp6archery camp7

Cristin says that archery camp is her favorite camp. 

leadership rocks

This is the group of kids that attended Leadership Rocks.   It’s 3 days of activities that teach leadership.    The woman on the left is our county extension educator.   Her name is Donna.  She does a fine job with the kids. 

leadership rocks3leadership rocks1

Camp is all about spending time with friends. 

leadership rocks4

muilti county camp 2012

This is Multi-County Camp.   Five counties in our surrounding area get their 4-H kids together and have a bang-up time.   This years camp theme was “Life-savers”.   My kids learned a lot this year.   There was a program about food safety.  There was also a program by an officer from that county.   He spoke about self defense.  


Besties….Cristin and Alexis.


This is a girl from our county who was attending camp for the first time.   Chance made friends with her. 


Chance and his friend Rachel.   They met a few years ago at Multi-County camp.   They are such good friends, they spend time together outside of 4-H events. 


This picture was taken from inside the patrol car at Mulit-County camp. 

My kids are not finished with 4H trips for the summer.   Chance will be going to Washington D.C. in 3 weeks.   He will tour the White House, Washington and Jefferson’s birthplace, Arlington, and many museums.   I’m jealous of his Washington trip.   I asked if they needed chaperones…..they don’t.    Sad smile  

They both will attended another camp in Stillwater at the OSU campus in July.  

If you have kids and are looking for an activity in which they learn and meet friends, I encourage you to check out your local 4-H groups.

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2 Responses to 4-H Camps

  1. Lise says:

    Hello Pam, I’m missing you 🙂 hope you are having lots o summer time fun and it’s not to hot for you xxxx

    • rmprudolph says:

      Hey there Lisa, I’m doing good. I’ve just been reading and enjoying summer break. I think I get cabin fever worse in the summer than winter. I don’t enjoy the heat at all. I wish Oklahoma had your coastal climate without the humidity. Chance is on a trip to Washington D.C. He has sent some pics to me by text. I’ve been working on a post about his trip all day. I just need to finish it up.
      It’s nice to be missed. It’s so good to hear from you. Penny and I talk about you often. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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