Before I get started with the subject of this post, let me tell you a bit about my previous experience with makeup.   I have always worn a little makeup.    I  wear foundation, a little blush, light lipstick, and some eye makeup.    I have a lot of freckles and I like the way foundation evens out my skin tone.    I have noticed that areas of my face that were once “north” have moved “south” and areas that were once “smooth” are now “not-smooth”.   Otherwise called “wrinkles”.    I like to try covering up some of  the natural aging process.

Basically, I would apply a little makeup every day in robotic, don’t even have to think about it  process.   Kind of like when I brush my teeth.    I could hold all of the makeup I owned in one hand. 

And then…

My sister decided to start a makeup page on her blog.   She explains why this was a interest of hers on her page.    Anyway, she reeled me in with her.   When my sisters become interested in something new, they take me with them.  Smile

My sister was doing research online about different cosmetics.   She found a brand she liked called e.l.f.   (eyeslipsface.com).   She and I bought a few of their products.  

Now, I’m going to tell you why I dedicated an entire blog post to this one kind of cosmetic.  

It’s a general rule that you get what you pay for.   If something is cheap, you get a poor quality product.    If you pay an arm and a leg for something, the quality is usually better.    This rule DOES NOT apply with elf cosmetics.    You get an excellent product for a very cheap price. 

I’m going to show you some of my favorite elf products.   These are not in any particular order.  


Their studio line of brushes are simply amazing!!!!    elf has a coupon right now for 50% off.    Just do a search for “elf coupons” and you should find it.     Except for the few brushes that I bought at Target for full price ($3.00), most of these brushes were $1.50 with the coupon.   I can’t say enough about the quality of these brushes.  The coupon is for any item in their studio line. 


I love these little cosmetics so much.   They are the elf color sticks.   They can be used as blush, lipstick, and eye shadow.   I use them for a light lip color.   They are a dollar each.   Yes…I said a dollar.   My local Target carries three different shades, but all shades are on their website.   The lids stay on good and the roll-up dial works well.  




I’ve only had this product for a few days.   My sister talked me into purchasing this.   She didn’t have to twist my arm.   All she said was “you need that” and I said “ok”.   This is the elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer.   I love this stuff.   My face is shaped very much like a pumpkin, but when I use the bronzer, I have cheekbones.  SmileI wish I had wiped off my fingerprints before taking the picture. 


Their cream eyeliner stays on my eyes every bit as good as the Revlon Colorstay brand you see in the picture.   I have four colors; midnight, brown, black, and teal. 


I love their powder blushes.   These colors are tickled pink and mellow mauve.   There is a rose color that I will need sometime in the future.  


Of all the eye shadows that I now own, these two colors from elf look better on my eyes than any other.   The colors shown here are called dawn and bronzed.   Love…love…love these.  


This is my elf cream blush.   I not great at applying cream blush, but I’m working on it.   I posted this picture to show you their nice containers.   The lids screw on nicely and they give you a lot of product for the price.   This nice sized container of cream blush cost $1.50 with the coupon.   To be honest, I don’t know how elf sells such a good quality product at 50% off.   Even at full price ($3.00), that’s a lot of product in a really nice package. 


During the time my sister was doing her makeup page, I learned a lot about makeup pigments.   Pigmentation of cosmetics means how much color is in the product.    elf products have excellent pigments.   I have a brand of makeup that has such horrible pigments, I discarded most of what I had.  I won’t say the name, but spelled backwards it’s called Nova.   Smile This is my beautifully pigmented teal crème eyeliner.


Here are some new products I have.   I haven’t used them enough to tell you about them. 


I love elf so much that I’ve got a little stock pile.   These items were ordered at half price…. $1.50 each.  

I forgot to take a picture of my elf eyelash curler.   It’s by far the best curler I’ve ever had.   And…it cost $1.00.   Target usually has these in stock. 

I am not a representative of elf.   They don’t know me at all.    But, if an elf employee happens across this blog and you feel I need some free products for the free positive advertising I have provided, just email me and I will provide my shipping address so you can send me all kinds of free products. Smile   I’m just kidding….well, not really.   

I love me some elf products.   Thanks for reading…

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One Response to e.l.f.

  1. I have so much from the elf studio line that it’s pathetic. Really. Funny thing is…..I use it ALL.

    Now I want those damn cream eyeshadows and the last thing I need in the whole world is more eyeshadow. 🙂

    I can’t stop thinking about doing makeup videos for my blog. I want to do a collection video, and I really like the idea of doing a seperate elf collection video. (Where I show and talk about only my elf stuff.)

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