I need to rewind all the way to last Thursday.   A week ago.    I’m going to give you a recap of my crazy, wonderful weekend that started on Thursday.

Since last Thursday, I’ve had many exciting events happen in my life.    Since, I have been out enjoying life and the spring weather, I haven’t had a moment to sit down and type up this post.

So, last Thursday evening, my sister and I went to see the Pioneer Woman at the Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa.   I love to read PW’s blog and watch her cooking show.    PW and I live less than and hour away from each other, so in my mind, we are basically neighbors.   And I feel I should get to know my neighbors.  Right?   Right.


It appears a lot of people share my “get to know your neighbor” philosophy.


Once my sister and I were inside, we were met with very friendly waiters serving food from PW’s new cookbook.


The Pots De Crème” from page 244 was my personal favorite.   Followed by the Steak Sandwiches.



I tore into the macaroni and cheese like a wild woman.     I put the first bite in my mouth and was savoring the joy of cheese and pasta in my mouth, when all of a sudden I tasted something funky.   There was bacon in the mac and cheese.   Yuck.   I’m not a pork eater.   The dish tasted good.   PW get a thumbs up, but because of my personal preferences, it was a no go for me.


We got up close with Cowboy Josh.

Marlboro Man2

I met Marlboro Man.   He signed my PW cookbook.    He was charming to everyone standing in the crowd.    He and I chatted for a moment.    I enjoyed meeting this local celebrity.    I like his hat.   Smile

After meeting Marlboro Man, I was content to leave without standing in the line to meet PW.    We would’ve been there another 3 hours if we had waited.   So we left.

Next, my sister took some pictures of downtown Tulsa.   Those can be seen here.

On Friday morning, I helped my kids get ready for their speech competition.   Chance did a speech over wildlife calls and Cristin did her speech on Photography.

After a long grueling day of speech practice and prep….



both of my kids won Grand Champion with their speeches Friday evening.


Here is a picture of the kids from our county who competed in the competition.

Saturday was the busiest day of all, but so much fun.

We started the day at an archery competition in Creek County.


Chance shooting the FETA round.



Cristin, Alexis, and Hannah at the archery competition.   These girls also play softball together.



Chance and Cristin got first for the day and they each got first place in the series competitions.   Yeah…I’m a little proud of them.

We had to leave in a rush on Saturday to prepare for the next event.

Chance went to the Northeast District 4H prom.    It is a prom designated for 4H members.    I got to take some pictures of the kids in our county.









This is Chance and Rachel.   She is his friend from Mayes County.   They went to the prom together, but they are just good friends.



Hannah and Cheyenne.





I took 370 pictures of the kids in their prom clothes.    These are just a few of my favorites.

Sunday after noon was softball practice.   The girls got to practice in the batting cage.



I am so blessed to be Mom to the three kids God has placed in my care.   Kids certainly make life sweet.   Yes, I get frazzled sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade my job for anything.

I hope you enjoyed my post…

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