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Clay’s Big News

  This is my son Clay.    If you read my blog regularly, you know that Clay has something big coming up.   I haven’t wanted to give the details  because I’ve been waiting on him to do a guest post.   I … Continue reading

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Snagging Spoonbill Part 2

Being outdoors is such a treat this time of year.   Every time I go outside, I can’t help but think about what a blessing it is to be alive and well on a day like today.    I can’t  reiterate enough … Continue reading

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Traditional Cherokee Basket Weaving

Danielle is my son’s good friend.    She is almost half Cherokee in degree of Cherokee blood.   My children and I are also Cherokee, but our Cherokee blood line is of lesser degree than Danielle’s.    Anyway, Danielle’s mother has raised her … Continue reading

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Snagging Spoonbill Part 1

This topic will undoubtedly have a few post dedicated to it on my blog so I’m calling this “Part 1”. Like most states, Oklahoma gets a lot of rain in the spring.    Sometimes many inches fall in a short amount … Continue reading

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A Day In My Life

I can’t seem to get enough of the beauty of Spring.   While I’m driving, I take in the color of every blooming bush or tree.   The colors are so amazing this year.   I wonder if other states have flowers and … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Tater and Pickle

The weather in northeastern Oklahoma was absolutely perfect today.   The day was a warm, sunny 82 degrees and the evening cooled down to a sunny 75.     Today I got to keep my nephew Tater while my sister went to parent … Continue reading

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My Front Yard

When I was a kid I was only aware of two seasons.   The weather was either hot or cold.     I could either wear shorts or I couldn’t.  I could either go barefoot or I wore boots.    I was  a kid … Continue reading

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