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The Woodworker Part 2

My oldest son has a talent.    We discovered sometime last year that he likes to work with wood and that he is GOOD at it!!!     You can see the first post about The Woodworker here. I’m  excited to show you … Continue reading

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Gotta Have It!!!!!

My sister, daughter, and I planned a trip to T-town.    We were going to Sam’s and Ulta Cosmetics.   My sister changed the course of the entire evening when she showed up in this sparkly eye-shadow.   As soon as I saw … Continue reading

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From Bare to Bling

There has been a bit of a makeup craze happening with the blogs that I follow.  This craze has been started mostly  by my sister.    I find this topic fun and girly, so I have joined in.    Please click on … Continue reading

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A Day in the Country

My family spent the day with my sister’s family at my brother-in-law’s sister’s place.    My brother-in-law’s sister lives near a tiny town in northeast Oklahoma called White Oak.  I’d be willing to  bet you can’t find it on a map.   … Continue reading

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What’s in My Bag?

My sister has been doing some really fun post on her blog site.     Her most recent post was about the contents of her bag.   She has requested that I do the same post, so here it is. I have to … Continue reading

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Chain of Events

First of all, I have to say that my sisters are amazing individuals.   We have so many things in common.     They are the reason I have a niece and nephews.   They have the same parents as I do.   They  grew … Continue reading

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Two Major Events

On this day, twenty-one years ago, I had my first baby.   He was delivered by emergency c-section.   He managed to get himself all tangled up in the umbilical cord.   I was only 19 years old when I had him.    Let … Continue reading

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