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Techno Junkie

Mayday….Mayday!!!!    Someone please come save me from myself.    I think I may have a case of techno addiction.   I think the internet is a wonderful invention.   If there is something I want to know, I can find the information I … Continue reading

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My 100th Blog Post

I can’t believe I have posted 100 blogs since August.     What I originally planned to accomplish with my blog was to solve the world’s problems, pour out my soul, and dazzle reader’s with my self-proclaimed brilliance.      I stressed over … Continue reading

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Christmas Festivities

I haven’t blogged in a few days.   I have been busy with Christmas shopping, meal preparations, and the craziness that happens the week before Christmas.    I look forward to  Christmas more and more every year.   I know that laughing and … Continue reading

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Mother-Daughter Evening

My daughter and I went to Owasso for a girls night out.   We had a fabulous meal at Olive Garden and she spent some of her Christmas money on a manicure.    My daughter is 12 years old.   She is one … Continue reading

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The Woodworker

My oldest son has found something that he loves to do in his spare time.    I think he has a natural talent for woodworking as well.    In August, he made a headboard for his bed that is really awesome, but … Continue reading

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Must Love Dogs

I’ve been enjoying Pioneer Woman’s blog post about Charlie, so I thought I would do a doggie post.   At this very moment, our dog Punkin is laying next to the couch with her butt up on a pillow and her … Continue reading

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I Gave Birth To A Hillbilly

This post is a bi-product of a motherly melt down I had this morning.   Please don’t get scared and stop reading…. let me explain.   This is my son Chance.    He is very outgoing and friendly.   He likes to tease people … Continue reading

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