Tulsa State Fair

This post is the post that I wanted to do last night, but I was so tired from being at the fair,  I couldn’t form whole sentences in my brain.    Please see my previous post for more fair pictures.

Yesterday, my  family and I went to the Tulsa State Fair.   Not just my family, but my sisters and their families.    The only people that were missing was my brother-in-law, Morgan and my nephew, Zach.

penny5    2011-3   Spring Family Pics 043

This was not just a plain ol’ trip to the fair.   It was monumental to me for a few reasons.      We went together as a family and  I was there to witness my nephew’s first ride on the “big boy” rides.  My other sister just called me to say that this was also my niece’s first time on the “big” rides.  This was a day they will NEVER forget and I was there to see it.


Let me tell you why they have their hands up.   This was their first ride.   My nephew and niece were nervous.   As they sat down in the seats, the ride “moved” about two feet.   The were scared to death it was about to take off without any device to keep them in their seats.  My sister took this picture after we repeatedly told them it would be OK and that the bar would come down.   Look at my niece… she’s still not convinced.   I knew they would be OK, but they were sure they were about to die.   That’s how I know they will remember this forever.


Here’s something else that I don’t want to forget about my nephew.   He has been to a small carnival in his hometown.   He had been on lame rides like the merry-go-round or maybe the tilt-a-whirl.   He was so ready to ride, that he never ever thought that this ride might be “different” from those other rides.  I was there to see his face when he realized he “wasn’t in Kansas any longer”.


This was ride number 2.   That’s how he rode the ride;  his eyes were closed, he never moved, he had a smile on his face.  Smile



Next I want to tell you about my other nephew, Tater.   He is truly one of a kind.  Most people who have a two year old would take a stroller and snacks and be prepared for the moment when their two year old crashes at the fair.   Not this little man.   We all knew that moment would never come for him.   He has to take everything in.   He can’t miss anything.   He is like the little Energizer bunny.   He stayed awake the whole time and he was happy to be there.   He clomped along in those boots and walked the fair.   We did carry him some, but not much.



We were all walking down the busy isle in the main building when all of a sudden Tater’s legs failed him.  Of course, he made a game out of this.   If you could see his face, he is grinning ear to ear.


This was in the middle of an even busier isle.   He just needed to lay there a minute.   I know this looks like we were dragging an overly tired toddler through the fair, but I am not kidding, after a couple of minutes he jumped up and was ready to go again.  See all of our feet huddled around him so he wouldn’t get trampled.   If you want to read more about the personality of this little guy click here.   His dad describes him pretty well.  If you click on this link, be sure to read the King Tater post at the bottom of the page.


Tater also went wild for the funnel cakes.


This is three of our menfolk  walking behind us.   I just like the picture.


Now let me tell you about this picture.   This is chocolate dipped cookie dough.  I paid $6.00 for this just so everyone could have a taste.  When I took a bite of this, I swear the Heaven’s opened and I could hear the Hallelujah chorus.  Smile   It was the best thing I have every tasted.   Then I had chocolate all over my chin, with no napkins.   I made a mess with this chocolate.   I made a mess with some onions.   Then there was the incident with the straw and the lemonade, that I won’t mention.   I was a mess yesterday.  Smile



My sister took these pictures.   I don’t even think about taking pictures of stuff like this.   It’s a good thing she’s better at photography and has an eye for it or we would have missed out on these great pictures.

I spent an obscene amount of money yesterday, but what price can you put on time spent with family?   How much would I pay for the memories that the kids made?   The day, the money spent, my tired legs, my sister’s blisters, was all worth it.

And to my family….I love all you guys.  Smile

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2 Responses to Tulsa State Fair

  1. Penny says:

    Love this post. 🙂 One of my faves.
    I think I’m biased though. 🙂

  2. rmprudolph says:

    It’s one of my favs too. I think I’m getting over my “how will I do my blog” dilema. I just read King Tater again. That IS my favorite of yours. 😉

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