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Growing Up

It has been a fairly restful weekend for me.   I went to my local library’s used book sale with my sister, son, and nephew.   I didn’t get the books that were on my list to purchase, however  I got  books … Continue reading

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Slow-Cooker Burritos

I found a recipe in a slow cooker book for Black Bean and Vegetable Burritos.   The first time I made this recipe I thought it was just average, nothing extraordinary.   However, my family seemed to like it.   If I remember … Continue reading

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Eleven Eleven Eleven

I know that “Eleven Eleven Eleven” is an odd title for a blog post.   Let me tell you what it means.   On November 11, 2011, my Hubby and I will have our 22nd wedding anniversary.   I think it’s awesome that our … Continue reading

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Beside the Road

I had several outings today.  While I was driving, I was looking at the fall leaves and admiring the colorful trees.   All of sudden, it occurred to me that I should be taking some pictures.   It has been windy in … Continue reading

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My Christmas Wish List

Ok everyone, for the most part I am a low maintenance, easy to please person.   I drive an older car, I live in a modest house.   All of the furniture in my house was purchased used (except for my frig … Continue reading

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Just the Way I Like It

I have spent the day doing only the things I like to do on a Sunday.   It’s been a restful day of leisure.   Other than the normal “I’m hungry now” comments from my kids this morning, I’ve had no demands … Continue reading

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Brownie Sheet Cake and Mr. and Mrs. Archery

I went over to my sister’s house yesterday evening to check on my nephew who had knee surgery.   My sister had made the most wonderful dessert, which I will gladly share, but first I must give a brief history of … Continue reading

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