Blue Grass and Chili Festival

I am writing this blog post on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.    I have been a bit fearful today.  If I try to think like one of those terrorist idiots, I would think today would be a day they would be targeting us again.  Gratefully, it’s 4:45pm (central time) and all is well on the home country front.   Today, I am thinking of the men and women who’s lives were lost in the tower, Pentagon, and the flight in Pennsylvania.  Also of the military personnel who have died in the war since that day.   God bless and comfort the families who have been left here to grieve. 

Let me just add here that I feel very lucky to live in this fine country.  There isn’t any other place I would want to live. 


My town in northeastern Oklahoma has a Blue Grass and Chili Festival once a year.   There is a chili competition that I seem to miss every year.   The competition is something I’m really curious about.   What does the winning chili taste like?   IDK.   I would sure like to try it sometime.   There is bluegrass music.   Lots of bluegrass.   I personally like rockin country music.   If Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan had been in my town, my excitement would be leaping off this page.

We have gone every year for awhile now.   The festival is really just an excuse to meet up with friends and hang out.  We take our lawn chairs and enjoy the weather.  Thankfully it’s not still over a 100 degrees.    My husband usually drinks beer.   He never drinks beer.  However, when we go to this festival he always manages to have one or two.   Sometimes three.  Beer is just nasty if you ask me, but my Hub seems to enjoy it during the festival.  Men are a mystery.  Smile 

Ok, so enough about the beer.   Here are some of the activities we do…


Both of my boys rode the mechanical bull.   My middle child is fascinated with this machine.   He THINKS his mother might let him ride bulls one day.   Yeah, sure I will.   Smile 


Sorry, my pictures aren’t great.   I still don’t have my DSLR…soon though.


The bluegrass stage.    We live a couple miles away and we could hear the music at our house before we left to come here.


As soon as I see one of these food stands, I instantly become hungry.   I decided that I needed one of those lemonades made from fresh lemons.   I am NOT a fan of lemonade, but if you haven’t had one of those, you are missing out. 


My daughter with her friends.


She climbed the rock wall.


I don’t know the name of this band, but they were good.   And loud. 

Anyway, fun was had by all.   It was good to get home.   I appreciate our freedom to have such events.   Thanks again to our military.  Smile

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