For my Boys (What girls like)


I’ve been picking up on some comments lately from my boys.   These comments lead me to believe that my boys are confused by girls and what girls like.   I have created a list of basics.   This list will hopefully help them recognize a good girl and let them know what a good girl likes.     Let me clarify one thing,  I’m talking about nice, respectable girls.

I want my boys to have a reference tool they can look back on. 

Here are a few tips on how to recognize a nice girl.

1.   A nice girl will not look like either one of the girls below. 


2.  A nice girl will not be saying something to you that she couldn’t say in front of your mother or her mother. 

3.  A nice girl will not be showing her cleavage to anybody and everybody.   She will be dressed modestly.   I’m not talking about dressing like the Amish, she just won’t be showing something that should be covered.  

4. A nice girl will not be dating her 14th boyfriend at age 14. 

5. She will not have a pierced eyebrow or cheek.  She will not have metal rods sticking through any part of her body. 


6. She will not curse or use God’s name in vain.

7. She will not spend her weekend getting drunk with other girls just like her.

8.  A nice girl will openly love God and her family.  

9.   A nice girl will never put you in a position to not act like a gentleman.  (Make sure you think this through)


Now for the “What girls like” section.   A few are what nice girls DON’T like.  

Let me start this next section by saying that nice girls are not hard to please.   A nice girl will only have a few specific things she is looking for. 

1.   Nice teeth.   You will not get a nice girl if your teeth look like the guys below.

 redneck photo 3

2.  Always keep your hair cut and your face shaved.  You will not get a nice girl if you look like the men below.

red neck photos

3.  A girl can tell a lot about a boy by the cleanliness of your vehicle.   When you get out of your vehicle, take the McDonald’s sack with you and throw it away.  Your vehicle is a direct reflection of you. 

4.  Nice girls like boys who dress neatly in clean clothes. 

5.  Nice girls do not like to hear all of the noises you can make with your body. 

6.  Nice girls do not like boys who smell like fish bait, sweat, or dirty socks.

7.  Nice girls LIKE boys who don’t mind getting dirty. 

8.   Act like a gentleman.  Nice girls want to be treated respectfully.     If you want to impress a girl, carry something for her or be a friend to her siblings.  You could also open a door for her or just listen to her talk about nail polish, shopping, or cameras…etc.  

rhett butler 

9.  A nice girl can tell a lot about a boy by how he treats his mom and sister. 

10.  A nice girl will not expect you to make a million.   They will not expect you to spend mad amounts of money on them.   If the relationship continues, they will just want a hard-working man who will provide them with a secure living and a roof over their head. 



Now after saying all of that,  I think my boys are extreme gentlemen.  On occasion they struggle with number 5 and 6 on the list above, but what boy doesn’t?

Here are pictures of my gentlemen.  


Sorry ladies, this one is already taken. 


This one is still available.  I am taking applications.   Getting close to this one would require a background check,  DNA sample, and an extreme application process by his mother. Smile


This one is only 15 and not old enough to be on the market.  When he is old enough, the same application process will apply. 

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