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2011-06 San Antonio 061

Two months ago, we made a 550 mile trip south to San Antonio, Texas.  We went there for the National 4-H Shooting Sports Competition.   My whole family (my husband and children) went on the trip, along with 2 other boys, another archery coach, and a mom.     The trip south on  Highway 75 went well.   We made two stops,  one at the Oklahoma-Texas line information center and another at a Grandy’s/truck stop, just south of Dallas. 

Let it be know that Dallas traffic scares the pants off me.   Whenever I travel south into Texas, I start stressing about the Dallas traffic at Sherman.   I’m sure Dallas, Texas has many wonderful attributes, but because of the traffic, I never want to live there.  I am a small town girl and that is way too much city for me. 

Ok, enough about Dallas.

We rolled into San Antonio city limits about 6 pm on a Sunday evening.   I found the freeways in San Antonio fairly easy to navigate.  While there, we mostly traveled the 1604 loop and Highway 10.  I always seemed to be on  the roads during slow traffic time.  It was a relief for me to find San Antonio so easy to navigate.   Also, San Antonio highways have an interesting feature…turnarounds and service roads.  If you miss an exit you go down to the next exit and there is a turnaround.  Definitely something we need in Oklahoma.  Whoever designed those turnarounds was a genius.   

I was worried that San Antonio would have sweltering heat.   It was very hot in northeastern Oklahoma at the time.  In my mind, 550 miles south was going to be blistering.  I was pleased to find it more comfortable than Oklahoma because of the low humidity.  The weather was hot, but pleasant by my standards.   But then on that Tuesday night,  San Antonio got some much needed rain.   After the rain, it felt just like Oklahoma.    

We spent 5 days and 5 nights in San Antonio.   Here are some of the memories we made…


2011-06 San Antonio 119

Because my son did very well in the Oklahoma state compound archery competition, he got to compete nationally.  

2011-06 San Antonio 374

This is all of the Oklahoma archery boys and the coaches.   The guy on the far right is my hubby.  Chance is in the front row, with the cap. 

2011-06 San Antonio 387

2011-06 San Antonio 326

The Oklahoma compound archery team is now 4th in the nation.   The reason we traveled to San Antonio was a success.


2011-06 San Antonio 023

The Mexican food in San Antonio was phenomenal.  I mean WOW!!!  I thought the Mexican food in Oklahoma was good.  If you ever go to San Antonio…eat the Mexican food.  

2011-06 San Antonio 024


If you eat here, get the queso and the Tortilla Soup.   Everything was good but those two items really stand out in my memory.  I loved the Alamo Café.


I have a second cousin that lives in San Antonio.   I had only met her once before (face to face), but we knew each other fairly well through Facebook.   She is one of those easy to like, feel comfortable with immediately, gracious, hospitable kind of people.  We spent time with her on Tuesday and Wednesday.   She’s an awesome person.   She treated us to lunch at the Alamo Café. 

2011-06 San Antonio 053

I was surprised at the location of the Alamo.   I thought it would be on it’s own grounds somewhere, like a national park.   It’s literally a building in the downtown area.  Not to diminish the awesomeness of the place, that just surprised me.  

2011-06 San Antonio 072

Downtown San Antonio is BEAUTIFUL.  This is the Riverwalk.    This river just flows throughout the downtown area.   We walked along this waterway for a mile or so.   There are many old building in the downtown area.  We passed one building that was built in the 1800’s.

2011-06 San Antonio 069


2011-06 San Antonio 070

This building was built in the 1800’s.


2011-06 San Antonio 077

This is the Tower of Americas.    My kids begged me to go to the top (I am very squeamish about heights).    After begging me to go to the top, they came down feeling sick  and saying “Uh, Mom you would’ve hated that”.   It was still a good experience.

2011-06 San Antonio 133

2011-06 San Antonio 159

2011-06 San Antonio 125

2011-06 San Antonio 177

We took a tour of Lackland Air Force Base.  I left there feeling very appreciative of our military and their families. 


2011-06 San Antonio 203

2011-06 San Antonio 200

I also discovered that John Hagee ministries and Max Lucado are based out of San Antonio.  The above pictures are of John Hagee’s church.   The tree above is an olive tree from Jerusalem.  I did not get a picture of Lucado’s church even though it was just down the service road from our hotel.  Sad smile

2011-06 San Antonio 209

My daughter had her 12th birthday while we were in San Antonio.   For her birthday, we went to Sea World.

2011-06 San Antonio 241

She touched dolphins.

2011-06 San Antonio 249

2011-06 San Antonio 290

The Shamu show was amazing.  

2011-06 San Antonio 328

12 years old.


2011-06 San Antonio 382

We stayed in a hotel right by Dominion Drive.   After a day or two, we learned that George Strait lives up there somewhere.  I was amazed by the houses on top of the hill by Dominion Drive.   If anyone from San Antonio reads this blog and you know who lives in those houses, please tell me.   I’m not a weird stalker type person, I’m just extremely curious.   People don’t have houses like that in Oklahoma.  Smile

2011-06 San Antonio 381

Also, there is a bet in my family that the “house” to the left center with the dome on top is even a house.   I say house, my boys say business.   Please help with that if you know. 

A special thanks to our Circle G 4-H group for funding a big portion of our trip.  You guys are like family and without you, this trip would have not been possible. 

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  1. Trey says:

    I live in San Antonio and the house on the top of the hill in your second picture is George Strait’s House.

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